Previously on Project Runway: Season 11, Episodes 7 and 8

Monday, March 25, 2013
Season 11, Episode 7 
AKA. Stuck on You

Previously on Project Runway the designers were paired off into teams of 2 and were asked to design a prom dress out of various colors of Duct Tape. The designs would then be judged by a group of high school students who's votes would account for 20% of their points. Let's take a look at the designs.


Richard was immediately peeved that Stanley chose to work with Layana this week instead of him. Come on, Richard! It's not like you own Stanley! Anyways, Layana and Stanley immediately wanted to work with gold tape, but Daniel and Richard had already monopolized the color. Stanley thought they his team should use zebra print instead, but Layana was hesitant. In the end, they created a "cool girl" look (worthy of a Betsey Johnson collection in my opinion) and the pair were safe.
Layana and Stanley
Surprise! Surprise! Patricia wanted to create a textile effect by overlapping 3 colors of tape in a mesh/ lattice pattern leaving poor Samantha to have to try to construct  a bodice to go with Patricia's kooky design. But, as we've seen in the past, the judges either love or hate Patricia's designs. Their dress looked like it was from a "prom goes to space" theme, but they judges were into it and the designers were safe.
Patricia and Samantha
This week was the first time that roommates Amanda and Michelle could finally work together on the same team. They decided to work with the hounds-tooth print tape but also create their own hounds-tooth print and have the design also play off of the print. The judges felt the look was worthy of Gwen Steffani and their outfit was the winning look and Michelle was given the winning title.
Amanda and Michelle


I thought that the Daniel and Richard collaboration was going to go off really well because both designers had wins under their belt. And initially it did start off well as the two began creating a nice strapless gold gown. But, it started to go downhill when they started adding the ruffles which gave their dress an 80s vibe that the judge felt was dated. These two designers barely squeaked by.
Daniel and Richard
Kate paired off with Tu again because she can't stand to work with any other designers and decided that they should construct a traditional floor length gown despite Tu's suggestion that they try to make something shorter. They too, became distraught when their top color choice was taken, so they opted for the denim colored tape instead. Although the high school students responded favorable to their gown, the judges found the gown to be boring, ugly and not cool. In the end, the judges decided that they felt Tu had lost his identity and they weren't feeling Kate's designs so both designers were out.
Kate and Tu
Were you as surprised as I was that both Kate and Tu were kicked off? Do you feel that Michelle deserved the win? Let me know in the comments below.
Season 11 Episode 8
AKA The Most Disappointing Episode Ever

Previously on Project Runway, the designers were treated to a surprise performance by the Thunder from Down Under (a male stripping/dancing group from Australia) which made all of them blush. Then the designers were split into 2 teams selected by the judges. Each team was asked to create 3 tear away looks for the Thunder From Down Under dancers.

The Teams were
Team Fifty Shades of Grey: Michelle, Stanley, Daniel and Patricia.
Team Slick and Hip: Samantha, Richard, Amanda and Layana

Let's take a look at their designs:

Team Fifty Shades of Grey wanted to create sexy office workers from the past with suits and jackets, but Michelle suggested that they create a sexy bike messenger instead. It appeared that the team decided to let Michelle do her own thing while the others stuck to the sexy office plan. Michelle arguably ended up creating the best look because she incorporated a zippered vest (instead of Velcro), but it didn't fit just right.

Stanley's look wasn't horrible, but it wasn't exactly sexy or innovated either. It looked as if he needed to choose a different suit fabric, or he should have ironed it
Patricia spent entirely too much time on a non-sexy basket weave shirt that was ultimately covered up by Daniel's too-big trench coat.
Daniel and Patricia
Although Team Fifty Shades of Grey was awarded the winning team by default, there were no winners this week.

Team Slick and Hip also came up with a suit theme. The team decided to divide themselves up to play up their strengths which didn't help them at all because none of them had ever designed menswear before. Stanley created all of the shirts but he forgot the collar stands, so the collars were all floppy and the shirts were too long. Amanda made the pants pattern's and created 2 sets of awful pants (one set was too tights, the other set had mismatched hem lengths). Layana made the suit jacket even though she'd only ever designed women's jacket's before. And Samantha created the only wearable garments- a vest and pants.
Samantha and Richard
Amanda and Richard
Amanda, Layana and Richard
Amanda and Stanley ended up in the bottom and I bet the judges wished they hadn't already used their double-elimination. In the end, the judges decided that Amanda's pants were the worst offenders and sent her home.

What did you think of this week's episode. Were you as disappointed with their creativity as I was? Where was the sexy safari guy!? Sexy surfer!? Sexy barista!? Let me know in the comments below.

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