Previously on Project Runway: Season 11, Episode 14

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
A.k.a. The finale

Previously on Project Runway the final three designers (Michelle, Patricia, and Stanley) got to return to the workroom with their cast-away helpers (Michelle w/ Amanda, Patricia w/ Layana, Stanley w/ Richard) in order to polish up their collections for fashion week. In the previous episode the judges asked Michelle to change her hair and make up and edit her accessories, they asked Patricia to make her looks more cohesive, and they asked Stanley to inject some youth and sex up his collection.

Michelle seemed to have her work cut out for her in the workroom since most of the judges criticisms were with hair, make-up and accessories. Patricia and Stanley, however, had a ton of work to do as both of them were still constructing whole new outfits in the workroom. When it came time for the runway, Patricia seemed to have finished her outfits, but it didn't look like Stanley was going to make it. He was literally sewing on garments and sewing his models into their garments just moments before his show. Let's take a look at the designs:

Stanley took most of the judges criticisms (except for Nina's comment that he should break up the matchy-matchy skirt/crop-top set) to heart and changed up the styling and re-made entire garments. His collection was very clean and polished as you would expect from Stanley, but his collection didn't stand out or wow the judges. Although Nina Garcia was ready to take home the beaded crop-top, Stanley was awarded 3rd place.

Patricia put on a show that really packed a punch. I was really pleased to see so much of her artistry on the runway in a more refined way. It was definitely different and innovative and on the verge of greatness, but the collection wasn't quite as cohesive as the judges would have liked. I never could have imagined that Patricia would get this far, and I think if she keeps steering in the same direction she may be one-to-watch at future fashion weeks, but this time Patricia came in 2nd.

Michelle had this fashion week show in the bag. She was one of the few designers to have a clear point of view throughout the show and she actually showed up to fashion week with most of her pieces complete. Her collection was true to her personality and she made sure to take the judges criticisms with a grain of salt (thank goodness, or we never would have seen that bleeding heart sweater on the runway). I'm happy to say that Michelle was this years winner of project runway.

What did you think of the final three designers? Do you think the judges made the right decision? Will you be tuning in to this weeks "After the Runway" episode? Let me know in the comments below. Want to see more images from the finale? Visit

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