Monday, April 29, 2013

My Vampire Boyfriend Socks- Part 1

According to my Ravelry page, I started these socks back in July 2012, but it's taken me this long to finally finish one sock. The problem was that when I purchased the sock yarn (malabrigo sock yarn) I forgot to ask the nice yarn store ladies to wind it into a ball for me and when I set out to finally knit these guys, I was too proud to take the yarn back to the store and get it wound, so I decided to wind the yarn myself by hand. Inevitably, I got halfway through my skein and my yarn got soooo knotted and tangled up that I was spending more time untangling knots than knitting. But, last week, after having received all of my precious crafting supplies and furniture from the movers, I once again set out to conquer these socks and this time the knots came right out.

Pattern: My Vampire Boyfriend (ravelry, knitty)

These are the first socks that I've knit for myself instead of someone else and I think they look so good! I can't wait to finish it's mate. It may be a bit unreasonable to try and finish the second sock by the time the final Sookie Stackhouse book comes out in May, but I may be able to finish it before the next season of True Blood airs in June on HBO.

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