Previously on Project Runway: Season 11, Episode 12

Thursday, April 18, 2013
AKA. European Vacation

Previously on Project Runway, we thankfully discovered that Michelle's "do or die moment" meant that she was going to be given a second chance and was NOT getting kicked off. Thank Goodness! However, Tim Gunn called the designers back out onto the runway where Tim and Heidi announced that the final 5 contestants would be taking a 24 hour vacation to different European fashion capitals to gain inspiration and shop for fabric with a judge selected Project Runway cast-away in tow...everyone except for Michelle that is who would be stuck getting inspiration and shopping in New York City with Tu. Rightfully, Michelle was pissed, but she was able to get her feelings in check in order to create a look inspired by the skyscrapers and the remnant soot seen on skyscrapers from old chimneys out of leather and cashmere. Although her painted ombre effect wasn't very effective, she was safe and will be in the final four.


Daniel got to travel to Berlin with Amanda where he got super emotional while looking at the Berlin Wall and got inspired by the Reichstag and Berlin Hotel, but it was the Buero Building that was the muse for his design. While he was sketching Amanda commented that Daniel's design seemed to finally click as he drew out a geometric patterned leather jacket with a dress. However, when Daniel and Amanda got to the fabric store they discovered that the store didn't carry any leather, so Daniel had to change his jacket design to a white jacket made from white pleather. Overall, his look adequately captured the vibe of Berlin and better captured the younger demographic that he needed to catch. Daniel safely made it to the final four.



Stanley got to go to London with Richard which is a good thing since Stanley appeared to be the only designer that got along with Richard. Stanley took inspiration from Westminster Abbey and Big Ben and decided to create a black gown and capelette worthy of royalty. Not surprisingly, Stanley was awarded the win yet again.

Patricia was sent to one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, with girly-girl, Kate, to take in inspiration from the Eifel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral, but what really got Patricia inspired was the graffiti(!?). You heard right, Patricia decided that she would create a jacket/top from a handmade textile that she would create from layered fabric. This sounded like a neat idea, but the shape of her jacket/blouse was not good and made it look like her model had 2 sets of shoulders. I thought this look really missed the mark and though this would be Patricia's swan song, but the judges (ahem, producers) must really want to see what Patricia can produce at Fashion Week, and the judges kept her safe.

Layana was sent to Europe's Latin land of Barcelona, Spain with Samantha. Layana seemed to be really inspired by the old buidings next to the new buildings and the patterned tile work, so when she went to the fabric store she was naturally drawn to the patterned lacework. Unfortunately, when she got to the workroom Layana decided to incorporate the lacework into an overworked, un-sexy, black and white housecoat and she added a pop-of-color by placing a very un-cool, pink blouse with very ruffled  sleeves underneith. Although the outfit wasn't horrible, it was lacking the vibrance and sexiness of Barcelona (which was mind-blowing since Layana had come to be known for her sexy, low cut/ short outfits) and it came at a time when there would be no more second chances. Layana was out this week.

What did you think of this week's challenge? Did you agree with the judges decisions? Who do you think will have the best collection at Fashion Week? Let me know in the comments below.

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