Previously on Project Runway: Season 11, Episode 10

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
A.k.a. The Art of Fashion

Previously on Project Runway the designer teams were shuffled yet again and the newly assigned teams go to spend some time at the New York City Guggenheim Museum. Each team was asked to create one over-the-top artistic look inspired by the museum and one ready-to-wear look. The designers were also asked to design their own print to go along with their looks using technology by HP and Intel. The winner of the challenge would win $10,000 and a computer/tablet hybrid computer-thingie. Let's take a look at the designs:


Michelle and Stanley were paired off together for the first time and ended up working really well together. They both gravitated towards the same works of art in the museum and truly collaborated on their designs. At mood, Stanley grabbed some bubble wrap for the art piece which both designers painted black. Michelle created their printed fabric of a woman's face. The judges loved both designs and declared this team the winner. Although Michelle created the print and spent most of her time on the art piece, the judges decided to award Stanley the win for his ready-to-wear look.
I thought Stanley's ready-to-wear look was great on the runway, but I'm sure if I tried to wear his dress it would end up looking like maternity wear. I probably would have given Michelle the win this week.


Layana and Daniel have worked well together in the past, but at this point of the game Layana is starting to act like she's the "cat's meow" (Nina Garcia's line, not mine). At the Guggenheim, Daniel kept throwing out ideas and Layana kept shooting him down and when Daniel asked if he could do the art piece, Layana said that she wanted to create the art piece. In the work room Layana designed a cool, modern print, but then really struggled to create her art piece. In the end, Layana had an epiphany and ended up with an overworked gown that wasn't mind-blowing or awful and Daniel stuck to what he does best and made a nice jacket and a simple skirt and the team was rightfully safe.


Poor Patricia got paired up with Richard and ended up in the bottom (but I think anyone paired up with Richard would have been in the bottom). The pair struggled to find common inspiration at the Guggenheim and when the team got to the workroom, Richard kept insisting that he didn't know what to create until Patricia could produce her art piece. It was like the pair didn't speak the same language. While the art piece was something that everyone expected Patricia to excel at, it came out looking amess. Yes, her piece used a lot of techniques- from the painting, to the fabric collage to the HP + Intel print, but it didn't look cohesive and wasn't fashionably inspired. And Richard's piece was too little too late. His top didn't fit right, and his pleated skirt was unflattering and bubbled in the back. I really felt like this was Richard's time to go and the judges agreed. Richard was out this week.
This challenge really made me want to visit the Guggenheim museum. What did you think of the judges decisions? Which art piece did you like best (Michelle/Stanley)? Which was your favorite ready-to-wear (Stanley)? Who do you want to see at fashion week (Stanley, Michelle, Daniel)? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. There are some talented designers on Project Runway this season.


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