Previously on Project Runway: Season 11, Episode 11

Thursday, April 11, 2013
A.K.A. All By Myself, I Do DeClaire

Previously on Project Runway, the designers were told that they can now work individually and no longer have to work in teams. Finally! Now we can see what they're made of! Later, the designers were taken to the Hearst publishing building where Nina Garcia explained that she wanted to designers to create an editorial look to be worn on Jordana Brewster (of TV's Dallas) in the May 2013 issue of Marie Claire. Before sending the designers off to do their sketches, Nina listed off a laundry-list of Do's and Don't for the designers such as no red carpet looks, no gowns, no t-shirts with pants, but add color and be bold in shape, print, and silhouette and be sure the look is interesting to photograph. She left the designers by saying "do not embarrass me, do not disappoint me". Back in the workroom, Tim Gunn added another twist by informing the designers that they would each be able to select a past designer to assist them with their looks. Nobody wanted to be stuck with Richard. During selections Stanley picked Tu (Kate's "seamstress"), Michelle picked Amanda, Daniel picked Samantha, Layana picked Kate and poor Patricia got stuck with Richard yet again. Let's take a look at the designs:


Layana was one of the few designers who really took inspiration from the Hearst building's geometric pattens, by incorporating the shaped into her leather armor thingie. The judges really responded to Layana's craftsmanship. But, to me the look appeared to bondage-like and hard for spring. Layana was safe this week.

Stanley seemed to have been made for this challenge. Despite Stanley ragging on Tu to sew his garments right, the pair were able to construct 3 beautiful pieces that could easily be swapped out AND he styled his model to look like Jordana Brewster (smart move). There was no question that Stanley was going to be the winner.


Daniel keeps trying to stay hip with the kids, but he's fallen in a bit of a schtick. While his yellow suit jacket and shorts were well made with interesting shoulders and a bold color, it's not much different than what we have seen before- only it's in Easter yellow. I'd like to see Daniel try to make something without a jacket or vest in the future.


Patricia- I know that Patricia got the short end of the stick when she was assigned to work with Richard again and I'm sure he was difficult to work with since we saw her explaining to him what french seams are and then saw him sitting on his butt in the break room complaining about how he didn't know what Patricia wanted him to do. I get that. But the look that she sent down the runway looked sloppy, unfinished and a bit too Pocahontas. I understand that the judges (ahem, producers) like her unique perspective and I too am curious to see what kind of collection she would come up with at Fashion Week, but there's no questioning that her look was the worst this week and she should have gone home this week.

Michelle got to work with her bestie, Amanda, again which paid off earlier. But this week Michelle must have tuned out when Nina Garcia was explaining her Do's and Don't because Michelle created a t-shirt and pants- a no-no on Nina's list. I will say that they were a very nice looking t-shirt and pair of pants and they were very "Michelle", but I agreed with the judges that they weren't very editorial.

At the end of the episode, after Patricia was declared safe and the designers shared their looks of shock and horror as Patricia returned backstage and I began shouting "Noooooo!" at the television, the judges declared that Michelle was NOT out...YET! The judges explained that Michelle would have to participate in a sudden death challenge and the episode ended with a "To Be Continued". So, I guess we'll find out what that means on Episode 12.

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think that Stanley deserved the win? Do you think Michelle deserved to be on the bottom. Do you think Patricia should have been safe? Let me know in the comments below.

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