Previously on Project Runway All Stars: Season 3, Episode 5

Thursday, December 5, 2013
A.K.A. Just Like Bonnie and Clyde

Previously on Project Runway All Stars the designers were introduced to Holliday Grainger, star of the upcoming two-part, four-hour Bonnie & Clyde mini-series to air on Lifetime, A&E and The History Channel on December 8 and  9. To correspond with the series, the designers were asked to pair off into teams of two and create a male and female look inspired by the 1930's aesthetic.

The teams were:

Christopher & Viktor
Elena & Korto
Irina & Mychael
Seth Aaron & Jeffrey

On the judging panel we had Austin Scarlett substituting for Georgina Chapman, and Elie Tahari and Bar Rafaeli as guest judges. I was surprised to see that the judges judged the pieces individually rather than as a team. Let's take a look at the designs: 


Elena and Korto tried to give their Bonnie & Clyde outfits a modern harder edge with leather and lots of black. I could have imagined this couple riding away from a crime scene on Harley's rather than 1930's cars. Both looks were very wearable here and now and I was glad they were safe. 


Irina's outfit had the judges split. Austin thought that Irina's look capture the spirit of the 1930s the most, while Isaac thought the proportions were all wrong. Some of the judges thought the jacket was too much for the look, but Elie Tahari defended it. I think that I would have liked Irina's look more if it were just the bustier and that fabulous skirt, but in the end Irina was safe.
Christopher created a gorgeous red burgundy gown with a tan leather harness belt that to me screamed classic Bonnie and the judges agreed. But, Alyssa expressed some concern that the horizontal lines created in the skirt might make a shorter woman look even shorter. Christopher was just safe.
Jeffrey struggled in the workroom when he discovered that his male model had given measurements that were over a year old and the model had packed on some arm muscles since then. After having a breakdown and then apologizing to the model for yelling, Jeffrey was able to get on track and loosen of the seams. Christopher called the look a James Bond villain look which was totally spot on. The judges love this look- particularly his wide legged peg pants and Jeffrey gets the win.

Alyssa totally loved Seth Aaron's look (in fact she said she loved it so much she could kiss him), but the other judges thought the silhouette looked too old. Bar Rafaeli thought that it wasn't feminine or dangerous enough and just didn't look like Bonnie. I thought the outfit had a steam-punk feel to it and could be worn by a naughty librarian turned dominatrix or something. Luckily Seth Aaron was safe.
Seth Aaron
Viktor's outfit just screams Viktor. He created a one button suit with a bow tie and fringe on the back. I wasn't a fan of the wide jacket opening and Alyssa and Austin both felt that the fringe was just too much. Viktor barely scraped by this week.
The judges were not happy about Mychael's outfit. The judges were not fan's of his gold and black color pallet or the high waisted man pants and didn't feel like it met the description. I myself was a little unsure about the moto-jacket and bow tie combination. I'm sad to say that Mychael was out.
What did you think of this week's "team challenge". Did you agree with the judges decisions? Let me know in the comments below.

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