That Girl! Anytime I Want Jacket

Friday, December 27, 2013
Here's a project that took me nearly 3 years to complete. I started the That Girl! Summer Jacket! by Nikol Lohr back in 2010 after falling in love with the pattern on  Craft Magazine (online). Back in 2010 I was more concerned with learning new techniques and was less selective of my yarns and choosing the right amount and I decided to knit it up with a big cone of Lily n'Cream Solids and Denims in red. Little did I know that one cone would not be enough and not all red cotton yarns are the same. I had knit most of the jacket with my one cone of yarn, but I ran out halfway through the second sleeve and thought I'd just pick up another cone at Wal-mart, but Wal-mart had stopped carrying the cones. So I ended up buying a smaller skein of Lily n'Cream in red, but the color didn't quite match up and this project was set aside. A year later I picked up the project again and finished the sleeve with the mis-matched yarn but I still wasn't happy and set it aside again. Then I started seeing some online tutorials on how to dye fabric, so I tried dying the whole thing red to try to get a better color match. The color difference between the two skeins is not perfect, but it's less noticeable and wearable. I finally finished this jacket up (weaved in the tails and sewed on the buttons) in July 2013.

If I knit this again I would choose a better quality of yarn and would make sure to get the right amount. I might try to knit up one of the other variations of this pattern in blue sometime.  

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