Previously on Project Runway: Season 13, Episode 2

Thursday, August 14, 2014
A.k.a Let's Go Out to the Movies

Previously on Project Runway the designers faced their first unconventional AND team challenge. This week the designers visited Manhattan's Village East Cinema to attend a special "screening", but were actually introduced to their challenge. The designers were paired off into teams of three based on their movie theater seating arrangements. The designers each had to create a look (as part of a mini-collection with their team mates) made out of movie theater themed elements such as film reels, concessions items, lighting supplies, props, and costume and wardrobe supplies.

As with all team challenges, there's bound to be some drama in the workroom and this episode was no exception. While some teams seemed to get along right away (in this case, the green team, purple team, and  silver team), on the blue team Sean and Fade were able to come up with a concept and design idea, but Angela seemed determined to do her own thing and wouldn't listen to her teammates suggestions. And following Sandhya's win in episode 1, several designers made it known that they did not think that Sandya should have been the winner and her teammates questioned her design concept and aesthetic throughout the challenge. Sandhya ended up consulting with Tim Gunn for some designer therapy, and following her return she and Carrie decided to let Hernan take the reigns for their team as both Carrie and Sandhya scrapped their original ideas and basically made slap-dash copies of Hernan's outfit in an effort to make their collection more cohesive. Big Mistake!

Let's take a look at the designs:


Blue Team:
On the runway, Heidi made it clear that this team could have been on top, but Angela's cut paper and muslin dress brought the teams scores down. Too bad! I totally though Sean and Fade's dresses were the best of the bunch.


Purple Team: 
Char's dress was my favorite from Team Purple because it kept a fun vibe. I could totally see Katy Perry wearing this at the MTV Movie Awards or something. However, I was not a fan of the silhouette on Kini's dress, and although I liked the presence Mitchell's dress had on the runway, I felt like I'd already seen a CD dress before.


Green Team:
I understood that Angela brought the Blue Team down from being in the top, so how was the Green Team not on top!? Each of the pieces used a wide range of materials (many are hidden underneath to give their garments lift and body) and I thought they were very cohesive. My favorite from this group was Samantha's.


Silver Team:
I have to admit that these ladies made a pretty good team as they seemed to immediately click with their concept of 1960s meets the future. They also used a wide range of materials from curtain rope to duct tape, but they maintained a similar color pallet and managed to make a cohesive collection. Would I want to wear any of it? No. But anyways, Amanda ended up scoring the win from her team- and rightfully so as she did appear to be the captain of her group.

Side Note: Did Amanda's dress remind anyone else of Emilo Sosa's washer bikini disaster (reminder link)? 


Red Team (on the bottom):
As I mentioned before, Sandhya and Carrie originally had other ideas, but after Tim Gunn's critique the team decided to follow Hernan's lead and make 3 dresses out of film strips and it bit them in the ass. The judges main concern was that they felt the dresses were too uniform. Of the three, the judges agreed that Sandhya's was the worst, but Sandhya had immunity so the judges were stuck with having to choose between Hernan and Carrie for elimination. Personally, I thought Hernan should have been the one to go because this and his previous look weren't very interesting and he was the one to steer the team wrong. However, the judges did not agree with me and Carrie was eliminated this week.

Did you watch this week's episode of Project Runway? Did you agree with the judges decision to crown Team Silver/ Amanda the winner? Did you agree with the judges decision to send Carrie home? Let me know in the comments below.

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