Previously on Project Runway: Season 13, Episode 3

Monday, August 18, 2014
A.k.a. Retro Futurism

Previously on Project Runway the designers celebrated Marie Claire magazine's 20th birthday with a new challenge. The designers were asked to create a look inspired by their lives 20 years ago, in 1994, that could be featured in Marie Claire 20 years from now, in 2034.

Admittedly, the concept for this challenge is kind of hard to grasp and it showed in the outfits this week. Many of the outfits were either too conceptual, too 90s, or too futuristic and there weren't many wow moments this week.

Oh well! Let's take a look at the designs anyway:


I was not a fan of Hernan's convertible, bra exposing dress. Perhaps in Hernan's future boob exposure will be the new midriff. I thought this look should have been on the bottom.
I thought Amanda's look was a little too 90s. Heidi commented that the judges really didn't like her look and she was lucky to have had immunity.
Apparently in Mitchell's world the future will be like Waterworld and we'll all be wearing scuba suits.
Char's outfit is nice, but it doesn't wow. It's a good middle-of-the-road outfit.

Most of the designers were not not fans of Fade's look this week and I must agree with them. I thought his outfit looked like middle-aged/senior citizen beach wear.
I'd love to see Korina's look on the runway NOW, but I'm not sure it's 90s enough or futuristic enough to meet the judges criteria.
This look feels too top heavy to me.

Kristine's outfit was my favorite. I felt like it had a nod to the late 90s Clueless era, but was also futuristic. I'm happy to report that Kristine was safe this week.
The back of Emily's jumpsuit was the best part of her outfit and it totally reminds me of the back of the latest Patterns by Gertie dress (Butterick 6094). Someone should design a pattern hack.
It's commendable that Sandhya was the only designer to send some color down the runway, but her outfit just looked like a simple pink dress with some weird, alien like detailing on top. Commendable-yes; winner- I thought it was NOT. However the judges awarded Sandhya with her second win.

Originally Alexander had made a mostly leather dress which was quite interesting but didn't fit quite right on the model, so he scrapped it and essentially created a blanket dress. Since what counts is what you send down the runway, I thought Alexander had the worst look this week (as the dress appeared to be unraveling), but the judges decided to keep Alexander around.
Sean should have abandoned that crinkly navy fabric after Tim's critique. His outfit didn't need the had, but I liked the fact that he whipped it up using his Mood bag. His hemline needed to be taken up an inch or two and the judges called the look "Prada meets Mary Poppins". I'm glad Sean was kept safe.
Angela's look was supposed to be an updated version of the classic women's suit inspired by her previous career in finance, but the judges felt her outfit looked more like an airplane stewardess uniform. It's clear that the outfit has some issues (the skirt is too tight, the hemline is too short, and the overall look lacks some polish), but I definitely don't think it was the worst outfit to go down the runway. However, the judges AUFed Angela this week and I won't miss her tears or anxiety.
How crazy was your style in 1994? In 1994 I finished up my last year of elementary school and entered my first year of pre-middle school (my town had one of those). I was a HUGE fan of the tv show, My So Called Life, starring Claire Danes, and my style was made up of  a  mix of Looney Tunes t-shirts and bike shorts (Taz and Tweety Bird were my faves), flannel baby doll dresses and lots of plaid. 

Did you catch this week's episode of Project Runway? Did you think Sandhya deserved to win? Did you think it was Angela's time to go? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. That challenge is just so abstract, it would be hard to really say anyone was doing it wrong. But Korina's is my favorite.
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