Previously on Project Runway: Seasion 9, Episode 12

Monday, October 17, 2011
Aka. The Final Challenge

This week on Project Runway, the final 5 designers were whisked away to Governor's Island to seek inspiration for their final challenge. Their challenge was to create a mini-collection of 3 looks with only $500 and with a little help from some old friends- earlier season 9 cast-offs Burt, Anthony Ryan, Bryce, Olivier, and Becky. 


Anya was inspired by the positive and negative spaces of the sculptures at Governors Island and wanted to again show the judges that she is not just "the print girl". She enlisted the help of Burt for her collection and they appeared to make a great pair with her eye for innovation and his sewing skills. Anya sent out the most interesting and fashion forward collection of the evening, and she will be making a collection for fashion week. 


Joshua was inspired by the Battery and cathedral on Governor's Island and wanted to create a collection that reflected the combination of hard and soft. He enlisted the help of Bryce for his collection- which immediately made me think that Joshua might be in trouble. His gown made me think of a disco Statue of Liberty, his skirt/vest combo looked like a baton twirler and his white dress appeared to pucker strangely in the back and looked like it was ready for the Leather Bar. However, the judges liked that Joshua is never at a loss for ideas and has a clear point of view and decided to allow him to create a collection for fashion week.


Kimberly drew her inspiration from a sculpture titled "New Beginning" as she felt it apropos to where she was as a person and where she was in the competition. Kimberly chose Becky to be her partner, so I expected to see a fancy pants suit in the mix because pants are her forte. But, Kim decided to create a collection that was very Kim complete with a short-short dress and gobs of odd textured fabric, but without the pants. What the heck!? The judges were also saddened by her collection's lack of pants, however they applauded Kim for her clear vision and point-of-view and told Kim that she will be creating a collection for fashion week.


Viktor told the judges that he was inspired by the sculpture on Governors Island and the view of New York City from the Island. Viktor selected Olivier to assist him with his collection, however the only screen time Olivier got was when he was complaining about feeling like a slave. Viktor ended up creating the most wearable collection this week (heck, I'd buy and wear all of his pieces right now...okay maybe not the black dress) and obviously Viktor was selected to create a collection for fashion week.


Laura was inspired by all of the circular shapes that she saw on Governors Island and decided to incorporate circles into her design. Laura, not surprisingly, selected the help of Anthony Ryan to create her mini-collection. While shopping at Mood, Laura fell head over heals in love with this circular lattice fabric and decided to incorporate it into each of her looks. I really liked Laura's lattice jacket, and I thought her gown could have been a show stopper had the gown been constructed better, but her day dress and last minute skirt were duds and cost her a spot in the finals. But don't be too sad for Laura Kathleen, word on the street is that her Project Runway decoy collection was one of the strongest. And on my vacation to St. Louis, I happened to spot a certain someone on the cover of St. Louis' Alive magazine. She was also hosting St. Louis' Fashion Week. See for yourself.
Did you agree with the judges decision this week? Do you think someone else should have gotten the boot? Let me know in the comment's below.

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  1. OMG Sarah...I'm so obsessed with Project Runway. I agree with who went home, but I do think that perhaps they should have sent Kimberly home as well.


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