Previously on Project Runway: Season 9, Episode 13

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Aka. Home Visits

This week on Project Runway, the final 4 designers (Viktor, Joshua, Kimberly and Anya) packed their bags and went back home to work on their final collections for Mercedes Benz fashion week. The designers were given $9000 and 5 weeks to complete their collections, and while the designers were busy sewing, they each received a very special visit from Tim Gunn. After 5 weeks, the designers brought their collections back to New York City where they were asked to present 3 looks to the Project Runway judges so that they could determine which 3 designers would show their collection on the main stage at Fashion Week. Let's take a look at the designs:


Of the final 4 designers, Vikor had the most finished collection which was the most ready-to-wear. Viktor told the judges that his collection was inspired by his recent trip to Mexico (where Vikor is from), and that his visit was inspired by Viktor's promise to his deceased brother to make his brother proud and to visit their hometown. Although the judges re-styled all of Viktor's looks for him on the judging panel, the judges decided that Vikor's collection was worthy of being presented on the main stage.

To me, Joshua's collection packed the most punch on the runway. During Tim Gunn's home visit with Joshua, Tim vetoed all but 2 of Joshua's designs for his collection, so Joshua almost had to start again from scratch. I agreed with the judges that the first look was fabulous, and I liked the second look even though Michael Kors did not approve of the LBD's "modesty tab". The judges and I also enjoyed Joshua's third look from the front, however we all agreed that the tight, black catsuit in the back was too revealing for most women. The judges agreed that they like more of Josh's collection than they disliked and decided to send him forward to the main stage at Fashion Week.


 The ladies appear to have struggled with their final collection looks. I agreed with Nina, that I wasn't too keen on Kimberly's color palette. Kim's styling needs a lot of work as the blue shoes with blue pants on the first look make the model appear to have a club foot, and the handbags on look 1 and 2 are over kill. And I really, Really, REALLY don't like Kimberly's pink "bubble butt" skirt. But, despite all of this, the judges liked that Kim has a clear vision and sense of style and decided to send her to the main state at Fashion Week.


When Tim Gunn visited Anya at her home in Trinidad, she had only just selected her fabrics, so it wasn't surprising that Anya had a whole lot of sewing left to do when she arrived in New York. I agreed with the judges that Anya's collection was very underwhelming and was lacking in Anya's signature flair for prints, flowiness, and interesting shapes. The judges liked Anya's first look which has the closest ties to her signature looks, however they felt that her swim suit looked like it was falling off, and that Anya's attempt at a "wow" look gown appeared tortured and flat. I thought after the judges comments that it was Anya's time to go, but the judges surprised everyone by announcing that Anya will also be presenting on the main stage at Fashion Week.

What do you think of the judges decision to let 4 designers present on the main stage this year? Do you agree with the judges decision, or do you think one of the designers should have been sent home? Let me know in the comments below.

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