Previously on Project Runway: Season 9 Episode 11

Thursday, October 13, 2011
AKA. For the Birds.

This week on Project Runway the designers were placed into teams of 2 and instructed to design a look inspired by an assigned bird. In an added twist, the designers were told that they would be in direct competition with their assigned teammate. The designers were told that the winning look would be featured in an advertorial in Marie Claire magazine and the designer would receive $20,000. Later, Tim Gunn entered the workroom and told the designers that they needed to create a second look inspired by their bird, however the designers were told that they only had to send one look down the runway minutes before the final judging. Lets take a look at the looks.

Team Raven


For this challenge, the Team Raven girls both seemed determined to expand their horizons and show the judges something different. Anya decided to create an all black sculptural dress (which The Boy thought made the model's bum look big) without a zipper or entry point-requiring Anya to cut the model in and out of the dress. Laura decided to show the judges a pants look. The judges decided that Anya's look was the winner of Team Raven and also deemed Anya's look the winner of this challenge- giving her the $20,000 and the advetorial spread. Later, in the breakroom, Joshua appeared annoyed by the judges decision to give the win to a look that didn't have an entry point and refused to congradulate Anya for her win. I agreed with the judges decision to name Anya as the winner of Team Raven, however I also agreed with Joshua that the look was not worthy of the challenge win because it was poorly constructed without a zipper.

Team Cockatiel


Kimberly had a really hard time with this challenge after she brought back some silk charmouse from Mood and struggled with construction, found stains on her fabric, and accidently sewed her finger. By the end of day one, Kim was on the verge of a breakdown and back to square one as she scrapped her first dress (and totally freaked out and jumped on the worktable when a New York cockroach made a guest appearance before being squished by Anya and her boot). But Kim managed to pull a miricle and put together a beautiful dress with some leather, beaded trim and poly-lining fabric. Meanwhile, Viktor remained confident and focused on his original design throughout this challenge. I thought Viktor was the sure winner of team Cockatiel as surely the judges would notice Kim's rough edges, however the judges pulled a fast-one and deemed Kimberly the winner of Cockatiel, but kept Viktor safe from elimination.

Team Amazonian Parrot


Surprisingly, Joshua and Burt began the episode in a mutual love fest, thus showing the audience that past bygones be bygones. It was no surprise that Joshua would embrase the Amazonian Parrot as his muse, however Joshua ended up scrapping his original green and yellow look in favor of creating his draped orange dress. Burt, on the other hand, was not keen on embrasing the Amazonian Parrot as his muse for the challenge at all and it showed in his snake skin "Wonder Woman" dress with the green and yellow lining which the judges determined was the worst look of the challenge and Burt was sent packing. In my opinion, this team represented the best and worst looks of the episode, as I felt Joshua's look was the clear winner of this challege (however I would take brownie points away for the way Joshua un-gracefully snubbed Anya in the breakroom during the judgeing pannel) and Burt's look was clearly the ugliest.

The judges pointed out that the top rated team looks were those that were "inspired" by their birds without being too literal, and those that were on the bottom were too birdy. What did you think about this weeks episode. Did you agree/disagree with the judges decisions? Did you agree/ disagree with my decisions? Have you picked your top 3 favoirites to be apart of Fashion Week (Right now I expect to see Anya, Viktor and Joshua during the final runway show)?  Let me know in the comments below.

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