Previously On Project Runway: Season 9, Episode 10

Monday, October 3, 2011
AKA. back to the 70s
AKA Viktor gets hosed

This week on Project Runway the designers were asked to design a "sophisticated" and "modern" outfit inspired by the 70's for $100, but apparently the designers and judges had a different idea of sophisticated and modern than I do. The winning look would be re-created for In a Project Runway first, Anya lost her money at Mood and was forced to beg the other designers for some left over change to purchase some fabric or be forced to create her look entirely out of muslin. Anthony Ryan was nice enough to give Anya $11.50 which was enough for her to create a look. Then, Tim Gunn added an extra twist when he told the designers that they would be given an extra $50 to create a second look. Here are the results:


When I first saw Kimberly's looks, I thought for sure she would be in the bottom this week. Although the pants on her jumpsuit were alright, I thought the top was poorly made and ill fitting, I couldn't tell if the key hole was done on purpose or not, and I really didn't like her fabric choice on the second look or feel that the shape of the "circle top" was flattering. However, the judges must have seen something good in this outfit as they decided Kim was safe this week.



Out of all of the designs, I thought that Viktor's looks best met the description being "inspired by the 70s", "sophisticated", and "modern." When Viktor showed his looks to the judges, they all agreed that Viktor's looks were great and well-made and they all said that they wanted his snake skin t-shirt (even Michael Kors). So, I was completely shocked when the judges did not name Viktor the winner or pick any of his looks to be reproduced for


This week, Burt began to unleash his naughty side, sharing several dirty jokes with fellow designers on camera which made it appear that "grouchy old Burt" may have a lighter side. Burt was able to draw from being the only designer left to have lived and been able to remember the 1970s and he created 2 outfits that looked like they could have been pulled from my mother's closet- which is an upgrade. I thought Burt's looks were safe at best, but the judges loved the top of his first outfit and the metal details on his second look. Although Burt wasn't the winner, the judges decided that they wanted to re-create his look for (if you wanted to get your hands on one, it's already sold out).


Anya pulled off a miracle, creating her first look with only some dyed muslin and $11.50 worth of fabric with the money given to her by Anthony Ryan, and she made it look expensive. Anya was able to hang on to her $50 to purchase fabric for her second look, and Anya proved once again that she is the master of prints, creating a wide legged jumpsuit that the judges determined was the winning look this week.



This week, Tim Gunn spilled the beans that Nina Garcia has been questioning Laura's taste level. However, Laura made Project Runway mistake #1 when she didn't listen to Tim Gunn's recommendation to edit her first look because there was too much pattern going on, and proved that Nina is right to question Laura's taste as she landed in the bottom this week. I loved the chevron chiffon fabric that Laura picked out for her second look, but agreed with the judges that it wouldn't have much "wow" factor if put on the Piperlime website. After the judges deliberation, they kept Laura safe this week.


When I saw Joshua's fabric choices at Mood I began to worry, and when I saw his ill fitted "long bottom" plaid pants come down the runway I thought for sure that he was a goner and was ready to kiss Joshua and his attitude good-bye. So, I was equally shocked when the judges decided to keep Joshua on for another week.

Anthony Ryan

This week, the judges decided to send Anthony Ryan home and said that his look reminded the Manson Family girls, and that they looked like they were in a cult. I agree that Anthony Ryan's clothes didn't pop off the runway, and I would not have placed his colors and patterns together, but I certainly didn't think that these were the worst looks to come down the runway. I'm surprised the judges kicked off the fan favorite so quickly and I'm going to miss his upbeat attitude.

Did you watch this weeks episode? Did you agree with the judges? Do you agree or disagree with my comments? Do you think the judges have lost their minds? Let me know in the comments below.

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