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Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Episode 7 aka. Project Runway goes Broadway

Previously on Project Runway All Stars, the designers went to Broadway where they were asked to create a look for a rich, ostentatious character who enjoys showing off her wealth for the revival of Godspell. Now, I must admit that I have never seen the play Godspell so I wasn't sure what the judges were looking for, but I expected to see the designers think out of the box and show me some wild costumes, but the designers looks were more subdued than I expected. Where's Chris March when you need him!? Lets take a look at their looks:

Jerell was the only designer to end up safe this week. I liked Jerell's look and certainly thought his look was appropriate for the stage, if the actress was a woman of a certain (older) age.

Top Three
Austin's outfit was also ready for the stage, and would be perfectly appropriate if the actress was of a younger (think junior) age.
I thought Michael's look was the most fun look on the runway, although the most costume part of the look was in the hair. The judges agreed and kept Micheal safe.
Mondo deservedly took the win this week with a look that's both fashionable, costumey and age appropriate. Perhaps Mondo should stick to looks that scream for big hair on the runway because that seems to be working for him.

Bottom Three
I think Kenley was on the right track with her look, but needed to push the design further. I also enjoyed her choice of fabrics, but worried that it may be too much pattern if used on the stage. Kenley needed someone to pop her over inflated ego this week, and I'm hoping that being in the bottom three will help her be a better designer in the future. Ultimately, Kenley was saved this week.
This was not Mila's challenge this week. Originally Mila was going to pair this look with a graphic maxi skirt, but Joanna convinced her to try a pencil skirt instead. But, Mila's the wrap pencil skirt looks sloppy- like she just wrapped some fabric around her poor model's waist. Mila ended up in the bottom 2 this week, but the judges kept her safe for another week.
I wasn't expecting Kara to be sent home after Isaac commented that this was Kara's best look so far, but low-and-behold, Kara was out. I thought this look was alright, although it would have been better without the giant silver bow, but I felt Kara had been under-performing lately.

What did you think of this week's challenge. Do you think the right people won/lost? Let me know in the comments below.

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