Previously on Project Runway All Stars: Season 2 Episode 5 and 6

Monday, January 14, 2013
 Season 2 Episode 5 aka. Androgyny (see Garbage video below)

Previously on Project Runway, the designers were asked to create an androgynous look for their models. After shopping at Mood with $150, Georgina Chapman appeared and informed the designers that there would be a twist-the designers would be creating androgynous looks for both a male and a female model. The designers were able to return to Mood to get additional fabric for the looks. Lets take a look at their designs.


Althea- I thought that Althea's coats were cute, well made and it fit the definition for the challenge. I thought for sure her looks would end up in the top spot, but Althea again flew under the radar with the judges.

Ivy- I wasn't a fan of Ivy's looks or styling this week and thought she would end up in the bottom. I'm not a fan of the leather "man diaper" and sheer things on the male, nor do I like the sheer things and fit of the jumper on the female. And don't even get me started on the eyebrows! I feel like her only saving grace were her 2 jackets.

Joshua- I thought that Joshua would be a top contender for this challenge because he seems to have more of an androgynous aesthetic. While Joshua created some nice pieces, I felt like his looks missed the mark as his male model appeared masculine and his female model looked feminine rather than androgynous.


Uli- I really liked the rocker/punk vibe that Uli created with her models. Uli created a lot of pieces for her models that appeared to be interchangeable. Although I don't know many men who would wear that shear shirt and vest, and I would have rather seen the vest on the woman she was worthy of a top spot and I'm glad she remained safe.

Emilio- I thought Emilio should have gotten the win this challenge. His looks were both androgynous, interchangeable and visually stunning down the runway. What were the judges thinking!?

Anthony Ryan- I appreciated that Anthony Ryan's looks fit the bill of being androgynous, but I didn't these looks were all that great. As I communicated with Uli's look, I don't know many men who would wear a shear shirt (let alone a cape) and I myself am a bit too modest to wear a sheer lady top. But, the judges appear to be in love with Anthony Ryan and they awarded him with the win.


Laura Kathleen- From the start, Laura Kathleen appeared to be lost in this challenge and it showed in her outfits. The cutouts on the man's shirt were droopy and sad and I'm sure I've seen those cut out lady pants in a mid-90's Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog (I swear it wasn't mine!). Even though her clothes were sad, they weren't sad enough for the judges to send her home.

Casanova- Casanova also appeared to be lost in translation as his looks were not androgynous, but they were pleasing to the eye. I loved the cut outs on Casanova's tops! They reminded me a lot of Ryan Gossling's jacket worn in the movie Drive (see below).

Kayne- It was only a matter of time before Kayne's taste and aesthetic got the best of him. I love me some herringbone, but one can also have too much of a good thing. Both of Kayne's looks appeared feminine in my eyes, but the ruffles on the female jacket made that look too feminine to be androgynous and the judges did not like the color of the shirt on the female model next to the herringbone suit.

Based on past challenges, I agreed with the judges choice to kick off Kayne because his taste level just didn't seem to be up to par. However, based on the challenge alone, I thought Ivy had the worst looks of the week. This week I disagreed with the judges choice to pick Anthony Ryan as the winner and I felt that Emilio was more deserving of the win. Did you agree with the judges choices this week? Let me know in the comments below.


Season 2 Episode 6 aka. The Green Challenge

Previously on Project Runway, the designers were taken to the High Line park where they were asked to create a red carpet look using eco-friendly AirDye fabrics, which are made using virtually no water or power. The designers passed around swatches of fabric to create their looks. The looks were judged by guest judge, Diane Von Furstenburg. Lets take a look at the designs.


Joshua- Joshua's look reminded me more of the Uli dresses of the past rather than a Joshua dress. Joshua's dress flowed well, but I'm not sure if the proportion of the waist-line was working on this dress. Josh was safe this week.

Casanova- I never would have picked out Casanova's fabric from the bunch, but I think that Casanova really made it work. Casanova's dress was beautifully crafted and the fabric really made his look interesting. I was surprised that this didn't get him a top spot, but I'm glad Casanova remained safe.


Anthony Ryan- The shade of blue that Anthony Ryan chose for his dress was electrifying and the dress really popped on the runway, but I wasn't a fan of the extra fabric laying on the hips. Even so, I thought Anthony Ryan was going to get the win this week, and was surprised when he ended up just safe.

Uli- This week Uli went coo-coo for print and embellishment, but was able to make it work for the judges. Personally, I didn't love the hemline and feathers and thought the look was safe at best, but the judges liked that Uli stepped out of the box. Uli was safe this week.

Laura Kathleen- This week Laura really wanted to impress the judges, especially DVF and used her fashion knowledge to her advantage. Unlike the other designers, Laura chose to design a jumper rather than a dress and her strategy paid off. Laura Kathleen was awarded the win this week.


Emilio- This week Emilio let his nerves and time get the best of him. His look didn't look bad on the runway, but up close the lining was a mess and he didn't finish the hemline. Emilio was embarrassed to send the look down the runway, but Emilio was lucky that the judges found another dress the disliked more.

Ivy- I appreciated Ivy's design concept to capture the sun, which is clearly visible in the pleating which looks like the sun's rays. But Ivy's final look appeared tortured and she's lucky to have been allowed to continue.

Althea- I understand that Althea was one of the last to pick her eco-friendly fabric, but she again gravitated towards her bland, fly-under-the-radar, shades of pink (with blue fabric) and this week it wasn't going to fly. Her fabrics didn't go together and her look was confusing and appeared ragged and amateurish. This week Althea was sent home.

This week I thought that Anthony Ryan would be crowned the winner over Laura Kathleen, but I wasn't surprised by the judges choice to give Althea the boot. What  did you think of the judges decision this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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