Previously on Project Runway All Stars: Season 2 Episode 7 and 8

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Season 2 Episode 7 aka The Christmas Challenge

Previously on Project Runway the designers participated in the unconventional challenge. This time the designers were taken to a Christmas store and were asked to create a non-Christmas-y party look. The winner of this challenge was to receive a very expensive watch. Lets take a look at the designs.


Emilio- Emilio was very smart about his Christmas purchases and stayed away from all traditional Christmas colors and selected items in shades of pink and purple. But, for all of the items he purchased, his final outfit was just so-so and he was appropriately placed as safe.
Top- This week, the top 3 designs were very similar in appearance.

Laura Kathleen- At first Laura Kathleen's look appeared to be the most well liked by the judges. But Isaac Mizrahi pointed out that the proportions of Laura Kathleen's embellishments were off and made her model looked fat and once I saw it I had to agree. Laura Kathleen ended up safe this week.

Anthony Ryan- Anthony Ryan and Uli's dresses could be twins. Both were beautifully made, but in the end the judges decided that Anthony Ryan's dress had more Christmas elements and appeared heavier than Uli's and Anthony Ryan was kept safe.

Uli- The judges felt that Uli's dress appeared lighter and more fun than Anthony Ryan's. Even thought the judges didn't like how the hemline dipped in the back, nor did they like the visible seam on the shear side panels, the judges awarded Uli with the win.


Joshua- Joshua went cray-cray this week and tried to create a look more suited for Lady GaGa or Madonna than the runway. The judges appreciated how different his look was than others on the runway. Unfortunately, his hot pants came out looking more like diapers. Joshua was kept safe by the skin of his teeth this week.

Ivy- Ivy stuck with the color gold this week and tried to stick with the "less is more" concept. Her outfit reminded me of an ice skating costume, but looked rather boring on the runway compared to the other designs. She was saved for another day.

Casanova- Casanova managed to walk away from the Christmas store without any base material to construct an outfit with. Casanova struggled throughout the challenge and made several different outfit attempts. Casanova ended up begging for other cast members cast-offs and created a look from others remnants. If the challenge were to create a look from cast-offs it would have been okay, but since Casanova should have been savvy enough to have pick appropriate materials from the get-go, Casanova was cast aside.

This week I agreed with the judges picks for winner and outter. Did you agree with the judges choices? Let me know in the comments below.


Season 2 Episode 8 aka. Back to the 20s

Previously on Project Runway, the designers participated in a fashion face off. The designers were asked to create looks inspired by the 1920s. Each designer was asked to select a 1920s event at random and each pair of designers with matching events would be scored against each other. Lets take a look at the designs.

Afternoon Garden Party

Emilio vs. Joshua- Both designers created very different but very wearable looks. I thought Emilio's look appeared most appropriate for a garden party and the judges seemed to agree as they determined Emilio the winner in the battle of Emilio vs. Joshua, but the judges had a tough decision since they were both good looks. I really enjoyed Joshua's pop of neon on the back of his dress, but the judges pointed out that the proportion of Joshua's drop waist appeared off. In the end, both designers were safe this week.


After Hours Speak Easy

Anthony Ryan vs. Ivy-Apparently when both designers think of speak easys' they both think of the color black. Ivy brought out the trash talk this episode when she openly rated Anthony Ryan's outfit a "5 at best". But Joanna Coles disagreed as she told Anthony Ryan that she wanted to steal his cape and the judges must have agreed. Not only was Anthony Ryan awarded the winner in the battle of Anthony Ryan vs. Ivy, but he was also awarded the win overall.  Ivy put too much focus on her fabric and her attempt to create a chevron pattern fell flat. Ivy was lucky to remain safe this week.
Anthony Ryan

Social Soiree

Uli vs. Laura Kathleen- In the battle of the blondes' Uli is supreme. Uli's look was obviously inspired by the 1920s flapper without being over-the-top, whereas Laura Kathleen's jumper wasn't inspired enough. I really thought Uli deserved the win this week, and although Laura Kathleen's look wasn't awful, it was the least 1920s-like and she was deservedly sent home.


Laura Kathleen
Did you agree with the judges decision this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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