Previously On Project Runway All Stars: Season 2, Episodes 9 and 10

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Season 2, Episode 9 aka. Retail me Not

Previously on Project Runway the designers visited the Elie Tahari offices and met Elie Tahari himself. For this challenge the designers got to raid the Elie Tahari fabric closet in order to create a ready-to-wear look that will sell at Elie Tahari stores and retail between $500 and $700. Let's take a look at the designs.


Joshua-  Joshua struggled with the fit of his dress this week. The dress shape made the model's boobs look weird and let's not even mention the wonky zipper in the back that cheapened his look. I truly thought that Joshua was going to be sent home with this dress, but the judges kept Joshua this week.

Emilio- Emilio hung in limbo this week. The judges labeled Emilio with the bottom 3 this week, but they all agreed that Emilio would not be going home this week. Emilio created a fine dress. The judges only uncertainty was in Emilio's color choices. If Emilio would have chosen a more universally wearable color pallet, I think he would have been on top.

Ivy- Ivy started out with a great design idea, but instantly scrapped it when she fell in love with this print fabric. Unfortunately, Ivy let the print dominate over design and she did not listen to Elie Tahari's advise to shorten the dress, so Ivy was sent home today.

Uli- Uli created another great white dress. Based on the judges criticisms, I thought this was going to be the winner since it could be worn by a variety of ages. So I was surprised to find that Uli was just safe.

Anthony Ryan- This week, Anthony Ryan found an Elie Tahari print and managed to re-construct it to make it his own. I'll admit that his re-construction was figure flattering and interesting, but his dress tended to target a younger audience and didn't seem to have as much broad appeal at Uli's. I guess the judges disagreed.

Did you catch this weeks episode of Project Runway? Did you agree with the judges? Let me know in the comments below.

Season 2 Episode 10 aka. A Few Good Ladies

Previously on Project Runway the designers were taken aboard the USS Intrepid—a decommissioned World War II-era aircraft carrier docked off the edge of NYC that now serves as the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. There the designers were introduced to their clients- real American women military veterans. The designers were asked to design a look for these 'real women' to wear to a future event. Let's take a look at the designs.


Uli- Uli's client asked for a purple flowy 'Uli dress' to wear to her best friend's wedding. Uli chose a black print instead so that the dress would be more wearable and essentially designed a dress that looked like the one on Uli's back. The dress looked great on the client and was well suited for the event, but the judges weren't feeling the frontal embellishment and decided to keep Uli safe.

Joshua- Joshua's client asked for a dress that she could wear to a formal military event that would expose her prosthetic leg. When she mentioned she was a fan of leopard print, Joshua was in hog heaven. While the print Joshua brought back from mood was over the top, he managed to tone it down by dying it a green color and it paid off. While the dress didn't scream "formal event" to me, it was definitely the most fun dress of the bunch. Joshua was the winner this week.

Emilio- Emilio's client wanted something short and fun to wear at a bachelorette party in Vegas. When she mentioned that she enjoys the color yellow, I thought Emilio was going to soar to the moon. Emilio delivered a short, fun, yellow dress, but Emilio struggled with the fit of the corset and his construction suffered. I was worried that the judges might send Emilio home for this outfit, but the judges kept him safe.

Anthony Ryan- Anthony Ryan's client wanted a gown that she could wear for her 40th birthday that would NOT emphasize her bust. Although I applauded Anthony Ryan's fabric choice, the cut of this dress and the waist band only emphasized her bust. In my opinion, Anthony Ryan's dress was the worst offender because he didn't meet the client's needs. But the judges decided not to eliminate anyone this week and they kept Anthony Ryan safe.

What did you think of this weeks designs? Did you agree with the judges? Let me know in the comments below.

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