Previously on Project Runway All Stars: Season 2 Episode 11

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Aka. Amour the Final Four

Previously on Project Runway the designers flew to Paris where they got to visit the House of Valentino, attend a Valentino couture fashion show, and shop for fabric at one of the world's best couture fabric shops. This week the designers were asked to create a look inspired by couture in order to determine who would be in the final 3. Let's take a look at the designs.


Anthony Ryan-  Anthony Ryan struggled to get started with this challenge and managed to create his look in 6 hours. He selected some interesting fabric that had some shear elements without being vulgar, but to me this dress was the least Anthony Ryan-like dress of the season and I was the least enthused about this look. However, the judges were in love with it and they awarded Anthony Ryan with the win. 
Anthony Ryan
Emilio- I may be biased, but I thought that Emilio should have gotten the win. I loved his fabric choice, the strong lines, the shape. It looked as if it could have come from House of Valentino itself. Emilio will be in the final 3.

Uli- Uli was back in 'new Uli' mode and brought on the beading and embellishments. Unfortunately the judges were not a fan of her visible nude slip. As a result, the judges asked Uli to participate in a final face-off with the other bottom contender.
Joshua-Joshua stuck to his aesthetic and managed to find a bright colored floral fabric that screamed Joshua. The judges enjoyed his floral print, but were unsure about the juxtaposition of the black lace on the floral. They also said that they would have liked to have seen him use a bigger floral print for the floor length skirt. Joshua was also asked to compete in the final face off.
Uli vs. Joshua- The judges couldn't decide between the bottom 2 so the judges gave the bottom 2 designers 1 hour to re-create their couture dresses into a whole other look while remaining on the runway. Uli completely transformed her look by taking nude fabric remnants to create a knee length Uli dress and refashioning her left over lace into a cardigan.  Meanwhile, Joshua refashioned his look by turning his bodice backwards and shortening the skirt. In the end, Uli's new look was completely different, whereas Joshua's look was more like a shorter version of the original and Joshua was sent home.

 Now that we're in the top 3, I'm on team Emilio all the way, but I'm afraid Anthony Ryan is going to steal the show at the end.

Did you watch this episode of Project Runway? Did you agree with the judges? Who do you think will be the winner? Let me know in the comments below.

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