Cheering for the Other Team

Thursday, March 25, 2010
March madness is upon us, and those of you who have been watching the games know that The University of Kansas (K.U.) lost to Northern Iowa last week, crushing KU fans hearts, and messing up a lot of people's brackets that picked KU to be in the final 4.

Those of you who know me know that have never been a sports fan. I may have attended the University of Kansas from 2001-2005 and in 2007, but to this day the only KU sports game I ever attended was a football game when I was an infant. But in the years since I graduated from KU, I have become more aware of KU sports and have started to pay more attention to the games. I even watched KU's b-ball championship games up through their disappointing loss. Watching the games makes me feel more connected to the time when I was a student living near campus and makes me feel more connected to my fellow KU students and alums. It also conjurers up memories to when KU was in the top 2 back in 2003 and my roomies and I joined the mass of cars on Massachusetts Street that were bumper to bumper, with music and dancing in the Kansas's own Mardi Gras (*note: KU lost that final game to Syracuse*).

Being in touch with KU sports also comes with it's share of rituals like booing the boarder war teams. That means NOT rooting for Kansas State (K-state), The University of Missouri (Missou), The University Nebraska, or any of the Oklahoma teams. And I will admit that I did my share of booing. However, with KU out of the basket ball running, is it wrong to start cheering for the other Kansas team? I mean, at least there is still one Kansas team playing...even if it is K-state.

This question came up on Saturday as my KU favoring family watched K-State play BYU. We'd all noticed that lots of our fellow KU lovers were very bitter about their loss and were very armament about NOT cheering for K-State and we wondered why. And we wondered if most K-State fans have/ would be willing to cheer for KU if the roles were reversed? What do you think?

Anyway, I am watching the K-State vs. Xavier game right now and I am cheering for K-State (the other team).

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