Monday's With Grandma

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Yesterday, I hung out with my grandma.

Grandma wearing the Seraphina's Shawl I crochet on her 90th birthday

I'm pretty tight with my grandma. Soon after I was born, my parents had to return to their full-time jobs, so my grandma took care of me on weekdays until I started grade school. Then she took care of me and my little brothers in the summertime until I was old enough to watch myself. My parents have always lived within 30 minutes of grandma's house, so even after grandma stopped babysitting me, I saw grandma at least once-a-week with my family when we all went out to dinner, and talked with her on the phone nearly once-a-day. And now that I'm back in my hometown, I still tag along with my parents when we take grandma out to dinner once-a-week.

A few months ago I went to the Public Library's book sale and scored a Large Print copy of My War by Andy Rooney (aka. that old guy does short rants at the end of 60 Minutes). It's about his experiences during WWII. Since I was too busy with my schoolwork to start reading the book right away, I loaned it to my grandma to read. It was the first book she'd read in decades and she really liked it.

Having just signed up for my own Public Library card last week and staked out the Large print book area, the boy and decided to take grandma on a spring library book outing this Monday.

Monday was a beautiful spring day. I picked up grandma and we had lunch at the Riverside Cafe (the boy and I had never been there; grandma had) and it was delicious and the atmosphere was eclectic and fun. I had an egg and cheese omelet with hash browns, the boy had a meatloaf sandwich and my grandma had a 1/2 chef salad with turkey and it was HUGE! At each table there's a mini-jukebox and I read some of the titles while we waited for our food. I suggested "Jailhouse Rock" to my grandma and she said, "I used to jitterbug to that!" so I stuck in a quarter and played the tune. We'll definably be going back there again! After lunch we went to the library and grandma picked out Tom Brokaw's The Greatest Generation in large print to read.

All-in-all, a pretty great Monday afternoon. I've already got plans to do it again next week.

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