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Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Aka. The Finale Part 2
*spoiler alert: this post reveals the winner of Project Runway All Stars*

Previously on Project Runway, the designers said goodbye to their studios, The Flathotel suite, and infinite amounts of makeup and hairspray and finally showed off their mini-collections which were as different as their personalities. The judges had a really tough decision to make this season, as none of the collections were BAD and none were perfect, but all were really well done. In the end, the judges struggled to decide if they valued high fashion/ showmanship vs. commerciality vs. creativity (or the starlet vs. the underdog vs. the tortured artist) and whether or not the judges judge solely based on the mini-collection or based off of the designer's looks throughout the season. Let's take a look at their looks:


 Austin should win the award for best collection description as he said "It's called: 'Austin Scarlett' and it's a story of a vampire from the 18th century who has lived many hundreds of years and now resides in Williamsburg and occasionally borrows clothes from her Hassidic dandy friend." I'm not sure I saw enough "Hassidic Dandy friend" in the looks except in the hair, but I think Austin succeeded in creating a very Austin Scarlett high fashion collection. I wasn't in love with Austin's opening look, and the judges commented that they felt Austin had created 2 or 3 separate collections because his collection didn't appear cohesive and they felt that some of his looks had difficult proportions. Even thought the judges agreed that Austin was already very commercial and they all loved Austin's lacquered lace and wedding dresses, the judges told Austin that he was out and then awarded him with a trip to Paris.

The scrap fabric look


Michael made the mistake of jumping out of his comfort zone for the final challenge. Even though Michael is a self-confessed ball-gown/red carpet designer, Michael's final collection was resort wear with an African Safari theme. I thought Michael did an excellent job creating a commercial collection that was ready-to-wear. However, the judges criticized that animal print fabrics can sometimes cheapen the looks, and the judges wished that Michael had gone more over-the-top with his final collection. In the end, Michael was safe and was awarded a trip to Paris.

The scrap fabric look


If you remember, Mondo's collection was inspired by his feeling that participating in Project Runway All Stars drove him crazy. Mondo stuck mostly with a black, white and red color palate with prints, thus continuing to demonstrate that he is the pattern mixing master. Overall, Mondo's clothes were more my style and appealed to me the most and I felt that his collection was the most youthful, whimsical, quirky and fun. The judges commented that some of Mondo's pieces seemed a big "cartoon-y" with the oversized pockets on the dotted mini-dress and the hounds-tooth jacket look. But, the judges also felt that Mondo's collection was the perfect combination of high fashion and commercial fashion, and Mondo was awarded with the win.

The scrap fabric look

 Did you catch the finale of Project Runway All Stars? Who made your favorite collection? Do you feel like the best designer won? Let me know in the comments below.

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