Previously On Project Runway All Stars: Episode 10

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Aka. The Final Four

Previously on Project Runway, the designers were asked to create ready to wear looks for Nanette Lepore's boutiques. This week's challenge tested the designers business savvy skills as well as their design skills, as the designers had to design a sellable look, meet pricing standards and keep their designs within the pre-approved budget. This meant that the designers had to sketch their looks and have their designs appraised and fabric approved before they could begin construction. And the designers got to shop for fabrics in Nanette Lepore's own fabric store (I loved her prints!). Let's take a look at the designs:


Price: $500
Fabric budget: $65

Austin jumped out of the box this week by choosing to make a rain coat (that could be worn as a dress) instead of gravitating towards making a dress like his peers. I thought Austin was going to nail this challenge for the win right from the get-go as his sketch earned the top price and biggest fabric budget. Although the judges seemed to love this coat/dress as well, they criticized Austin's choice of fabric which showed too many wrinkles on the runway, so the judges just chose to keep Austin safe.

Price: $300
Fabric budget: $32

During the sketching period of this challenge, Mondo declared that sketching is not part of his process before showing Nanette Lepore his sketch which she dubbed "the tin can". Mondo's comment later stirred up drama between Kenley and Mondo as Kenley openly commented that people shouldn't be in the fashion design industry if they don't sketch. Mondo pulled on his strength of pattern mixing and matching and opted to select swatches of several different Nanette Lepore fabrics to create his look. Initially I thought Mondo might end up going home for this shapeless look and the judges even commented that they wished Mondo's dress had more waist definition as his outfit wouldn't be flattering on every body shape. But, the judges declared that they loved Mondo's masterful pattern mixing and awarded Mondo with the win.


Price: $380
Fabric budget: $48

Michael reverted back to his old tricks, creating another caftan utilizing his expert draping techniques and some beautiful Nanette Leopore printed jersey. I can't deny that it is a pretty dress (although I'd never wear anything like this myself because of the plunging neckline and inability to wear a bra. Maybe J-Lo could pull this off), but I'm disappointed that Michael chose a design so similar to what he's already done rather than take advantage of the opportunity to show us and the judges something new. The judges had a touch decision in deciding who was going to get the boot this week as they debated over wearable fashion vs. dramatic runway fashion and ultimately Michael was kept safe this week.
Price: $350
Fabric budget: $41

Kenley created a very cute and wearable dress with a fun print- much like I'd expect to see from Modcloth. However this week, Kenley made some very fatal mistakes. 1) Kenley forgot to listen to the judges urgings to push her designs and show us something different. 2) Kenley's original design had a key-hole front which Nanette Leopore loved, but Kenley chose to edit out of her final outfit 3) Kenley forgot to match the prints at the seams. In the end, the judges decided that although Kenley created fun, young and wearable looks, that Michael would deliver the better runway show, and Kenley was sent home.
So, now we're down to the final 3 and it's all male designers. My prediction for the finale is:
  1. Austin for the win.
  2. Mondo will show some fun and innovative designs
  3. Michael will show some beautiful gowns, but will end up with 3rd.

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think the right people won/lost this week? Who are your picks for the winner of Project Runway All Stars? Let me know in the comments below.

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