Previously on Project Runway All Stars: Episode 11

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
A.K.A. Season Finale Part I

Previously on Project Runway our final 3 designers (Austin Scarlett, Michael Costello, and Mondo Guerra) got to visit Joanna Coles of Marie Claire magazine at her office where the designers were asked to create a mini-collection for the runway. Unlike past Project Runway seasons where the designers had 3 months to create a collection of 10 looks, Project Runway All Stars has given the designers just 4 days to create 5 looks. But wait! There's a twist! Besides the fact that Austin Scarlett shaved off his mustache and the Project Runway work room got divided in to 3 separate spaces, the judges also asked the designers to create an extra look using the designer's scrap fabric that has been cast aside throughout the season. The designers were also allowed to seek the assistance of an ex-cast member.

  • Austin chose Anthony
  • Mondo chose Mila
  • Michael chose April
Austin chose to get his help from The Help (or, as Austin described him, Austin's fellow aristocrat Her Serine Highness The Princess Antoinetta if you prefer) because he felt they had similar design aesthetics. Austin's collection was self described as "Fragonard (French painter)/ Madame de Pompadour (official chief mistress of Louis XV)/ meets 21st century rock star and Williamsburg Hasidic gentleman." From what I could see, Austin's collection looks to be full of evening gowns with lots of poof, girly prints, and pinks, and will include a wedding dress. In other words, it's a very Austin Scarlett collection. However, none of what I saw in this episode really wowed me, but I still think the judges will pick Austin to win in the end.

Mondo chose Mila because of her technical abilities, approach to design, and work ethic. On the first work day, Mondo stomped around in a funk, declaring that he didn't feel inspired, thought about quitting, and he didn't sew ANYTHING! During a dinner scene, Mondo stomped off from the dinner table before desert and Michael reminded Austin (and us) that often Mondo produces some of his best work after his funks. So, on day 2 Mondo reported that he was drawing his inspiration from the feeling that Project Runway All Stars had driven him crazy and began creating a Rorschach print inspired design. I just hope he remembers that there's already been a Rorschach inspired dressed (seen below). Mondo's theme has me the most intrigued and seeing as Mondo won the previous challenge by mixing 3 printed fabrics, I don't think he'll struggle with the extra challenge.

Michael picked "that silver fox, April," as his helper because he felt that her technical abilities were better than his. Michael decided that he is going to create a resort wear collection inspired by the African Safari (or maybe Micheal felt like he needed to tame the wild Mondo while Michael was trying to play peacekeeper between Mondo and Austin throughout the episode). Michael's collection got the least amount of face time, so I don't know what to expect. But, his theme of African Safari inspired resort wear has totally been done before, and Michael appeared to struggle the most with finding scrap fabric for his sixth look to match his theme because Michael has worked mainly with prints this season but has not taken on animal prints until now. In the end Michael reported that he was able to use some left over white fabric from the flag challenge, but I wonder how a white dress will fit in with his theme.

Are you planning to catch Part 2 of Project Runway All Stars on March 22? Who do you think will take home the prize? Let me know in the comments below.

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