Previously On Project Runway: Episodes 8 & 9

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
aka. Fashion Around the World

Previously on Project Runway, the designers were taken to the U.N. to look at all of the flags. Then, the designers were asked to select one of 6 flags and create a look inspired by their chosen flag. Let's take a look at their looks:

Austin chose the Seychelles who's flag has a rainbow of colors in blue, yellow, red, white and green. However, Austin also chose the flag of the country most people know the least about, so Austin ended up resulting to his fall-back design of making a flowy gown which didn't represent the fun of his flag. In the end, Austin was safe.
Kenley got a top spot this week with her Chile dress. To me, this dress was very Kenley (= young + retro throwback), but it didn't really represent Chile or the Chilean flag to me. Kenley was safe this week.
Michael immediately picked the Greece flag because of his Greek heritage and I expected him to utilize his expert draping techniques to make a very lovely gown. However, Michael was not safe from ridicule this week as Michael's design was too obvious, the draping was off and the judges felt that the big blue bow made the gown look like a Miss Universe Pageant dress. The judges kept Michael safe this week.
Mondo selected the Jamaican flag and was the clear winner this week. The judges only criticized the back of Mondo's dress saying they felt the pattern was too "in your face", but I think the stripe is what made this dress special.
Jerell made a crazy Indian costume this week, prompting me to make "What the hell, Jerell" my new Project Runway All Stars catch phrase. It was totally cringe worthy! I don't know whose bum Jerell kissed this week, but the judges kept him safe.
Mila jumped outside of the box in creating an a-symmetrical hemmed dress inspired by the flag of Papua New Guinea (which was composed of very Mila-like colors).  I thought the dress managed to complete the challenge and constantly represent Mila's body of work, and although it was not my favorite dress nor my favorite Mila dress, I didn't think it was worthy of going home. However, the judges felt differently and sent Mila home. 
aka. the Black light Challenge

Previously on Project Runway All Stars, the designers were asked to create a look utilizing technology and innovation by creating a look wired for light. The looks would be judged by guest judge Pharrell Williams and the winning look would be worn by one of his artists. Let's take a look at their designs.

Mondo's dress had some seriously weird boobs, but that was the only aspect of this dress that was "avaunt guarde". To me, this dress was a disappointment for Mondo, but I'm glad the judges kept him safe. 
Kenley kicked her designing up a notch by adding some black light reflective tape to her basic dress pattern to create a plaid and then added a lattice jacked up top. It was a likable outfit, but I still felt that Kenley should have gotten slapped on the wrist for not listening to the judges and using a different dress pattern. 
Austin created a look inspired by the night sky. I was worried about Austin while he was in the workroom and worried that his look would be too dramatic and girly to impress the likes of Pharrell Williams, but Pharrell liked the outfit and awarded Austin with the win.


Michael really struggled with this challenge and created several different looks, finally choosing to sent the ninja look down the runway.  This look totally reminded me of a female Scorpion from the Mortal Combat video games and would have been more appropriate if this were a costume challenge. The judges also pointed out construction issues with the glow tape, and felt the glow belt and giant bow on the back were not figure flattering. It was a close call, but the judges kept him safe.

Jerell was inspired by tribal culture and the use of fiber optic lights and created a kookie, rave culture, tribal inspired monstrosity, which prompted me again to use my catchphrase "What the hell, Jerell" !? Thankfully, the judges had their heads on straight today, and the judges sent Jerell home.
What did you think of these two episodes. Did you feel that Mila was wrongfully kicked out of episode 8? Did you think the judges picked the right winners? Let me know in the comments below.

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