Previously on Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 3

Monday, August 6, 2012
a.k.a. Welcome Back (or Not) 

This week on Project Runway the designers were asked to complete a team challenge. The designers were sorted into teams of 2 by randomly drawing a color of a Lexus which each team would drive to meet their client's- former Project Runway cast members Kenley, Irena, Valerie, April, Laura, Anya and Mila. The designers were asked to consult with the past cast members in order to create a look that incorporated the color of their car and was worthy of the red carpet at the Emmy's. The winner of this challenge would accompany their client to the Emmy's.  Let's take a look at their designs:


Nathan and Sonjia were paired off with Valerie from Season 8. Valerie and Sonjia seemed to have very similar style tastes and I think the gown was very appropriate for the Emmy's. I think if this dress had been a little more tailored, it could have been a top look.

Nathan and Sonjia
Dmitry and Melissa couldn't have gotten a better client than April from season 8, who shares Melissa's goth aesthetic. I really think that this look should have made the top 2, as the designers managed to work together drama-free and manipulate silk charmeuse fabric into an original design that looked great with April's lavender hair color.
Dmitry and Melissa
Speaking of drama, Elena and Buffi seemed to dread working together from the start. Not only are their design aesthetics totally different, but their personalities seemed to conflict too. Elena came off as really uptight and stressed out during the show, while Buffi appeared to be holding the group together. Luckily, the designers were paired off with the very gracious, Laura of season 3, who was really laid back during the consultation. At one point, Elena became so frustrated with this project that she stormed off in a huff to have a cigarette and Buffi announced that she didn't want to continue the project. It looked like they were both ready to walk off set! In the end, I was really surprised with how well the final look turned out.
Buffi and Elena

Gunnar and Kooan made up the odd couple this week and they were paired off with the very demanding (Mean-a) Irena. Gunnar definitely took the drivers seat for this team as Kooan admitted that he had no clue about evening wear. I don't know why the judges thought this was worthy of the top 2, as Gunnar himself called this dress awful in the workroom and Irena was complaining about fit issues just minutes before the runway. And don't even get me started on the half-moon butt hem!!! Obviously that drapey back was an afterthought to cover up the faulty sewing. At least it wasn't the winner.
Gunnar and Kooan
Thank goodness Fabio and Ven were around to prevent the judges from doing something crazy (and awarding the win to a crap dress). Fabio and Ven were paired with the ever difficult, Kenley from Season 5 and All Stars. The judges seemed torn about the tea length of the dress and seemed to think a tea length dress would be forgettable on the red carpet, but the dress was well constructed, very Ven, and very Kenley. I would wear this dress in a heartbeat! Ven was deservedly named the winner of this challenge.
Fabio and Ven

Christopher and Andrea were paired off with season 9 winner, Anya. Both Christopher and Andrea were very upbeat about their pairing, but things quickly turned sour. Christopher seemed to sacrifice his own sewing knowledge in order to let Andrea take the reigns so he could "learn from her experience and wisdom." But, Christopher soon regretted his decision as he observed that Andrea was sewing at a snail's pace. However, Christopher was too scared to tell Andrea how he felt until he got on the runway- where he let it all spill out and Andrea denied having spent a whole day cutting the skirt. In the end, the judges decided this wasn't the worst look on the runway, and both designers were safe.
Andrea and Christopher
Alicia and Raul, the two "menswear specialists," were paired up with season 7 and All Star finalist, Mila. Why these designers didn't incorporate menswear tailoring or create a glorious pant suit just totally baffles me! Instead these designers decided to challenge themselves as they felt pressured into making a gown. Their gown was poorly designed, ill fitting, frumpy, and poorly designed. They even had poor Mila wearing a pony tail hair extension! This dress totally deserved to be in the bottom, and while it was tough to decide which designer was the worst offender, the judges decided to sent Raul home.
Alicia and Raul
What did you think about this week's episode. Do you agree with the judges decisions? Let me know in the comments below.

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