Previously on Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 5

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
aka. The Marie Claire Challenge 

This week on Project Runway the designer's were asked to work in teams of 5 or 6 in order to create an editorial look for the working woman. The designers only had one day to sew because the designers also had to direct and style a photo shoot for their model's in their clothes. The winning team would have their outfits on display in a photo spread for Marie Claire @ Work. Let's take a look at the designs.

Team Five

Of the two teams, Team Five appeared to work together the best. When the team got into the work room they decided that they would create looks for fall made out of black and white silk charmeuse with pops of color. Unfortunately, they decided that their "pop of color" would come from a matronly floral print. Despite the fact that this team worked together relatively drama-free and their team scores tied with Team Six, there were no winner's or losers from Team Five and all of the Team Five's designers were safe.

 I feel like Ven is just coasting through the show right now. He's got a distinct style which shows up in his draping technique and all of his clothes are impeccably made. The other designers might as well give up now because Ven's gonna win, kid.
The judges weren't thrilled by Nathan's pants, or cheap looking top. I didn't mind the pants so much, but I wouldn't want to wear them. Nathan made it out safe this week.
The judges thought Gunnar's dress looked cheap and made his model's boobs look like sad, deflated puppies- landing him in the bottom two. That will teach him from trying to do his own thing! Gunnar ended up safe this week, but for how long...
The judges really liked Fabio's dress, (minus the headgear) and gave him a spot in the top 3. I didn't really find this look to be spectacular. I thought the silk was too fancy for a dress of this style, the dress did nothing for the girl's boob-age and it didn't have any wow factor to me.
The judges loved Christopher's skirt and even gave him a spot in the top 3. While I applaud him for doing something different with that floral pattern, all I could see coming down the runway were strings on the skirt and a wonky jacket. This look was definitely not Christopher's best and I certainly didn't think it belonged in the top 3.
Team Six 

By contrast to Team Five, Team Six's teamwork was a hot mess! The team struggled to come up with a cohesive concept for their collection. Raul kept whining that he hates team challenges and that working in a team compromises his artistic vision. And Elena kept yelling at everyone. Amazingly, the judges found their collection to be more editorial and thus more worthy of being in Marie Claire @ Work.

The judges love a good pant and they applauded Alicia's pants in the following 2 looks, but the judges are SOOOOOO over Elena's big shoulder obsession, and frankly so is the rest of the universe.  The judges placed Elena in the bottom three. However, the judges liked 1 out of 2 of Elena's jackets and the judges chose to keep Elena safe.
Alicia's pants and Elena's jacket
Alicia's pants and Elena's jacket
Elena totally tore into Dmitry's dress in the workroom by saying that nobody wears navy anymore (I bed to differ). I thought Dmitry's look was super chic and super cute and totally thought it deserved a spot in the top 3. 
Melissa was the winner this week. I thought that the collar was a little weird (I may or may not have called it a body condom), and I felt like the collar would get in the way at work, but the sideways zipper was cleaver. The judges loved this look because Melissa made something in color and it photographed well. Kudos to that!
Sonjia made 2 fabulous skirts, but the judges and I agree that the blue pencil skirt was her best. But Raul refused to listen to his teammates advise and made 2 boring and ill fitting tops and the judges decided that it was time for him to go...again. Before he left, Raul made sure to tell Elena how much he hates her. Way to stay classy, Raul! *eye roll* Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
Raul's top and Sonjia's skirt
Raul's top and Sonjia's skirt
Did you watch this week's episode of Project Runway? Did you agree with the judges picks for top 3, bottom 3 and the winner/looser? Who is your favorite designer so far? Let me know in the comments below.

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