This Week on Instagram: August 5-11

Sunday, August 12, 2012
I voted during the primary elections on Tuesday. Unfortunately, not many of the candidates I voted for won.
The Boy sent a new kitty card and Bella Sara cards. Inside card: "cat people and idiots"
I tried the Yeti Imperial Stout this week. It was more hoppy and less coffee like than I remembered. At least it's got a cool name.
Chocolate with Chips cookie from The Sugar Sisters Bakery
Fish Taco and Truffle Fries from The Flying Stove food truck
Painting at the WAM by art therapist, Bob Ault
Back view of Dreamers Awake by Tom Otterness at the WAM
My chalk drawing from the Youthville Chalk Festival (it matched my t-shirt)
Random art at the Chalk Festival
Jayhawk drawing from the Chalk Festival
How was your week?

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