Previously on Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 4

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
a.k.a. "They're Dropping Like Flies" 

This week on Project Runway the episode started off with some high drama as Andrea snuck off into the night never to be seen (on television) again. But the drama didn't stop there, kids! Before the designers could cope with the loss of Andrea, Kooan announced that he wanted to leave Project Runway as well. Oh well! Good riddance! Neither of them were my favorite designers anyway! With two designers out, the judges needed to bring somebody back to vote off, so Raul returned to the show.

This week the designers met Michael Kors at his new store and Michael challenged the designers to create an all-day look that could take someone from day to night. Lets take a look at their designs:

Ven made another stellar dress that could easily sell out at the top department stores tomorrow, but I'm not sure if you could feasibly wear this from day to night on it's own. I know my employer wouldn't be too keen on that exposed bare shoulder...I'm just sayin'. I'm sure he'll be back on top next week.
Alicia created a look that was a bit too casual for my day-to-night tastes. I imagine that Alicia's "girl" must work retail and hang out at dive bar's at night. And what is up with that wonky collar!?
Elena created another futuristic, big shouldered look. Surprise! Surprise! I'm really not a fan of the coat and I really want to reach in there and rip it off and see the outfit underneath. I was into the futuristic thing at first, but now I'm starting to get tired of Elena's broad shouldered looks.
Gunnar's outfit turned out better than it looked on paper. Originally, Gunnar's drawing made his skirt look like a hodge-podge of potato sacks. Although his outfit does fit the mold of a day-to-night outfit, I'm not sure if I'm thrilled with the overall design of the skirt. If I saw it on a sales rack, I'd pass it by.

Clearly Melissa's "girl" DOESN'T go out in the day-time and travels from witches coven to witches coven at night. To me this outfit just looked like a large black hoodie and some scarves. I didn't feel like the look met the challenge requirements, but it wasn't the worst thing on the runway.
Nathan designed a boring, well-made outfit for your color-blind grandmother (because I really don't think "baby sh*t green is going to be the 'it' color for fall).

Dmitry cut and sewed his dress perfectly and maybe he could have won if it weren't for that pesky Christopher and Sonjia. If only Dmitry had kicked up the volume just a tad with a bold color palette or an added outer wear piece. I'm glad Dmitry is finally showing up on the judges radar. Maybe next week he'll win the challenge.

The judges appeared to be split on who would be the winner this week. Nina and Heidi picked this look as their favorite and I really thought the judges were going to pick Christopher as the winner because he was able to create two outstanding pieces- the black drapey dress and the leather jacket. But, Michael Kors and the guest judge, Hayden Panettiere prevailed and Christopher was just safe.
Sonjia's perfectly draped grey dress deservedly took the win this week. Sonjia's dress even impressed Hayden so much that Hayden asked to wear Sonjia's dress and an up-coming red carpet event. Congrats!

Fabio picked a great print for his outfit, but his dress was wayyyyy too short. I was so surprised that Fabio didn't try to fix the length, or line up his prints in the back. I feel like Fabio could have done better. But the judges really got onto Fabio for not making his clothes seem more like Fabio. Where are the draped outfits from his audition?
Raul bit off more than he could chew this week.Originally, Raul said that he was going to design a suit, but somewhere along the way that suit turned into an oversize pointy vest and a pair of poorly made pants. I really thought Raul was going to meet the judges revolving door policy and get the boot again, but for some crazy reason the judges kept him safe.
Buffi's taste level go the best of her this week. Buffi's shear pink circle top could not cover up the fact that her zebra print dress was poorly sewn and not very day-to-night appropriate. I knew Buffi's aesthetic was going going to get her so far, but I'm really going to miss her fun accent and leopard print hair.
Did you catch this week's episode of Project Runway? What do you think about Andrea and Kooan's departures? Did you agree with the judges decisions? Let me know in the comments below.

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