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Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Aka. Balls Are Our Business

Previously, on Project Runway the designers visited Susan Sarandon's ping-pong bar, SPiN (BTW, I so want to open up my own ping-pong bar now!). This week the designers were asked to create cohesive, fashionable and functional new uniforms for SPiN's wait staff and ball boys. The designs would be looked over by the judges including Susan Sarandon herself and the winning look will worn at SPiN. Let's take a look at the designs:

Team Keeping it Real- The team continued to work well together for this challenge. The designers immediately paired off with some of the newer designers pairing off with more experienced ones. Their cohesive collaboration paid off once again as Team Keeping it Real was the winning team.

Daniel and Layana- decided to collaborate to make a waitress dress. The pair asked a lot of questions to the wait staff to come up with the perfect combination of sexy, quirky and functional by creating a vest with an asymetrical collar and arm holes inspired by the bouncing ping-pong balls along with a short skort with pockets. Susan Sarandon had to be informed on what a skort was before deciding that this was the winner of the challenge. Since Daniel had won immunity in the previous challenge, he chose to give this win to Layana.
Daniel and Layana
Honestly, of all the looks I thought that Joseph Aaron and Richard were going to be the winners. Susan Sarandon seemed impressed by the placement of the logo on the pants pockets and to the side on the shirt. I was pleased that they created a harness for the ball catcher. Overall, it was a good effort.
Joseph Aaron and Richard
I was worried about Stanley this week because he was still working on his shirt hem at the last minute, and I was pleasantly surprised to see him end up in the top 3. His look was cool and casual, but Zac Posen wasn't a fan of the dropped crotch pants, but I think the model made this outfit look good.
Kate and Patricia's look flew under the radar this week. In the workroom, Patricia worried that the judges would send her home if her leggings didn't make an impact on the runway and she contemplated putting the logo all over the leggings and cutting out the negative spaces. Luckily, the team stopped her during the critique. Maybe next week they'll have more of an opportunity to show off their individual styles.

 Kate and Patricia

Amanda is lucky that her team did not land on the bottom this week, or her look would have surely sent her home. Her little black dress was way too short, the top looked ill fitting, and it made no impact on the runway. Frankly, I expected more from her this week.
The Dream Team- They tried to take a page out of Team Keeping it Real's handbook and made an effort to work together more. Benjamin tried to take over as leader and help out Matthew and Cindy, which only caused Cindy to get upset and feel micro-managed. Meanwhile, James refused to collaborate with and listen to the team and tried to fly solo.

Michelle is clearly the best designer on the team. She created a cute waitress dress that would look good in SPiN or on the street. The only thing missing was some clear logo placement.
Samantha and Tu managed to collaborate without any drama. I thought their outfit was a little too revealing for a waitress uniform as I can clearly see the waitresses bra. It would have been nicer with a shirt underneath.
Samantha and Tu
Originally Matthew felt uninspired by the challenge and wanted to create a boring pair of blue jeans, but during the critique Tim cautioned him that if he created jeans they would need to be unique or he'd surely be sent home. Then Matthew jokingly said that he could make a kilt and the team ran with it and decided to pair it with Benjamin's mesh tank. I liked the look because it had a sense of humor to it, but it found it's way in the bottom because some judges found the logo placement to be in poor taste. I'm glad this look stayed safe.
Benjamin and Matthew
The judges felt like Cindy and Benjamin's collaboration was boring and didn't belong at SPiN. Although Benjamin had 2 looks that were in the bottom 3, the judges placed Cindy in the bottom again because they felt her dowdy jacket was a worse offense than Benjamin's poorly made shorts and overly gay tank (I'm not sure I agree with that). In the end, Cindy was kept safe, but she'll need to brush up on current fashion trends if she wants to make it through next week.

Cindy and Benjamin
James' first mistake was separating himself away from the team in a teams challenge season and vowing not to listen to his team's feedback. His second mistake was boasting about how great a designer he is and not putting his money where his mouth is. In the work room, it appeared that James was creating some sort of purple man trapeze top, and luckily the team talked him out of that one. However, his solution was to create a tank top and man Capri pants from his teammates scraps. And nobody wants to see their waiter's arm pit hair at a restaurant. Not surprisingly, James was sent home this week.
Did you catch this week's episode of Project Runway? What did you think of the designs? Do you think the right people won and were sent home? Let me know in the comments below.

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