Previously on Project Runway: Season 11, Episode 3

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Aka Eau de Klum 

 Previously on Project Runway the designers were asked to design some outfits for Heidi to wear for the advertisement and press events to promote her new fragrance "Surprise".  I was surprised that Heidi didn't re-arrange the teams this week since The Dream Team is down to 6 designers and Team Keeping it Real still has all 8 members, but they didn't. Team Keeping it Real continued to work well together an paired off nicely which showed in their final looks. This week The Dream Team was hopeful that they'd weeded out the bad seeds and it almost seemed like they would pull off a win, but then they flubbed it just before the runway. Let's take a look at the designs.

Team Keeping it Real- won again.

I thought the Amanda/Joseph Aaron collaboration was going to be a horrible idea since they both haven't seemed like strong designers thus far. It seemed like it took them awhile to come up with a collaborative design. The patterning in the middle panel was interesting, but the dress is super shorty-short (I think I can see the model's side-ass). This look was safe this week.
Amanda and Joseph Aaron
Richard knew when his look walked the runway that his ruffle butt was a mistake and the judges called him out on it even though his team was safe. Although I agreed that the ruffle bottom was not good, at least it was well made.
I thought Stanley might have been a top contender, but the judges called out Stanley's look as well and said they felt it had too much sparkle with the chains. Is there really such a think as too much sparkle? I didn't think this look was that bad.
I wasn't sure if the judges would love Patricia's outfit or leave it. Her idea to create her own mesh out of leather was definitely interesting and different, but it was also a bit 'Holly Hobby'. The judges decided that they liked this look enough to put it in the top 3, but decided to select other looks for the ad and red carpet.
Should we just go ahead and give Daniel the Project Runway win!? Daniel created another fabulous dress out of neutral fabric and Patricia's left over leather and the judges could not turn it down. Although Daniel designed for the ad campaign, Heidi decided that she wanted to wear this for the press.
I wasn't sure how Kate and Layana would work together since they're both relatively new to the business, but they seemed to do well together. Even though Layana wasn't sure about the pink fabric, the judges loved the way the pink on black showed off the structure of the dress. The dress moved well on the runway and was the obvious pick for Heidi to wear in her fragrance ad. Kate took the win for the dress.
Kate and Layana
The Dream Team- had some nice pieces, but the bad apples kept the team down again.

Michelle has consistently been the best designer on the team, but I didn't love her look this week. I thought the shape was rather boring and didn't pop on the runway.

Samantha had my favorite Dream Team look this week. I loved the shear portion of the dress and would have loved it more if she would have made both sides sleeveless.
Tu also did well this week. His dress was hip and flattering and definitely would have been in the top 3 had his team done better as a whole.
Matthew doesn't seem to like challenges unless he can put some humor into them and he didn't get into this challenge until he decided to put a bondage spin on his outfit. Unfortunately his tiny collar and weird neck strap only cheapened his look and he found himself in the bottom 3. Hopefully he'll have his heart in next week's challenge.
Benjamin seemed to have pleanty to say about his teammates outfits, but he should have been concentrating on his own look. The designers loved his sketch during the critique, but he had nothing concrete to show and by runway time his look still wasn't put together and he found himself scrambling to tie leather straps around his model to hold his look together. His model ended up looking like a shipwrecked mermaid and the judges said that his look was one of the worst they've seen on the runway. I thought his look was unforgiveable, but the judges decided to give him another chance.
Why didn't someone tell Cindy to stay away from the pink shiny fabric!? Poor Cindy thought this cheap prom dress fabric was perfect for Heidi Klum. She even tried to 'sex it up a bit' by putting a low slit in the front, but it wasn't enough. Cindy found herself on the bottom for the third time and this time she was out.

Can you believe that the judges saved Benjamin from that shipwreck!? Were you surprised by the double 'win'? Let me know in the comments below.

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