Previously On Project Runway: Season 11, Episode 5

Thursday, February 28, 2013
aka. Honky Tonk Fashion

This week on Project Runway, Heidi decided to mix up the teams by dividing up the contestants into pairs. This was a welcome change because this gave an opportunity for the designers to show off more of their individualized skills. This week the  pairs were asked to design 2 looks for country singer, Miranda Lambert- a performance look and a red carpet look.


Amanda/ Benjamin both needed to get top scores this week to stay in the game and succeeded greatly. I thought Amanda's look had great movement with the jersey and although Benjamin's dress was simply designed, it was beautiful (even though I didn't get the fringe on the boob thing). I thought these were sure to be Miranda's picks and was shocked to see them both just safe.
Richard/ Stanley also created top looks. Richard's dress looked like it was going to be a risque see-through dress in the workroom, but luckily Richard chose to cut up his Mood t-shirt to line his outfit at the last minute so Miranda wouldn't fall out of it. Stanley's dress also looked good on the runway, but ultimately Miranda was worried that the full skirt might make her seem bigger than she is. Miranda chose Richard's performance look for the win.

Tu/ Kate were eager to have the chance to work together since they were previously on opposing teams. Tu initially wanted to make Miranda Lambert into Lady Gaga by exaggerating her hips, but luckily he took Tim Gunn's advice and reduced it. I quite liked Kate's red leather gown with spike accents and might have put them in the top spot.
Layana/ Patricia stayed safe this week. Layana's gown was pretty, but didn't stand out amongst the others. Patricia got crafty again this week by creating an impressive fringed leather bullet holster, but placed it over some not so chic brown floral fabric.

Samantha/ Daniel took a stumble with this challenge. Samantha had immunity for this challenge, but wanted to show off a looped fabric technique with her performance outfit, which ultimately made the outfit look cheap. Daniel chose expensive fabrics and also tried some new techniques by creating a ruffle textured bodice from shiny leather and by fraying his hemline. Both looks were very disappointing and I was surprised Daniel didn't get the "Auf Wiedersehen".
Michelle/ Matthew did not meet the judges expectations this week. The judges could not get passed Michelle's fringe necklace and they felt that Matthew's look didn't stand out enough to be a performance outfit. Of the two designers, the judges decided that Matthew would be out.
What did you think of this week's challenge? Did you think that Richard deserved the top spot and Matthew deserved to be out? Let me know in the comments below.

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