Previously on Project Runway: Season 11, Episode 4

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
A.k.a. Hardware and Hydrangeas 

Previously on Project Runway the designers were asked to revisit not one but two unconventional challenges, the flower challenge and the hardware challenge, in a challenge inspired by Glade 2-in-1. Before the challenge got started, Heidi finally allowed the teams to level the playing field by allowing loosing team, The Dream Team, to select 2 Team Keeping it Real members to convert (they surprisingly chose Stanley and Layana) and allowing Team Keeping it Real to select 1 Dream Teamer to convert (they chose Michelle).  The designers were given 2 days and $2,500 to create their looks and the designs would be judged by The Man Repeller and Bette Midler. Let's take a look at their designs.

The Dream Team- Who knew that adding Stanley and Layana to the team would give the Dream Team the boost they need to score their first win!? This week the Dream Team actually started with a plan to use soft colors and take inspiration from Dior. Their strategy worked and they managed to create a more cohesive looking collection this week.

Stanley created a very sophisticated and flattering dress out of roses and leaves. I loved this look and felt it worthy of a top 3 spot. 
Benjamin had me worried that he wasn't going to finish when he decided to create his own fabric out of string after making his own loom. Ben obviously has time management issues, but this week his idea paid off. His woven fabric added interest to his look even though his color pallet reminded me of candy corn.
Matthew's outfit wasn't bad, but it was probably my least favorite look on the team. I thought the mop string halter top was nice, but the yellow moss skirt just looked like a ball of fluff.
Tu's outfit was also amongst my favorites and definitely seemed like a contender for the win. His look looked like actual, wearable clothes that would look as good on the street as it did on the runway.
Layana's look was straight out of Fantasy Land. Even though she recently had a win, I thought the judges would surely give her the win. Perhaps the judges wanted to see more hardware on the outfit, so this week Layana was just safe.
Samantha appeared to be struggling with time in the workroom as she spent a whole day cutting out inserts from a lattice print mat. Fortunately, she was able to finish her look and the judges felt it was the perfect combination of hard and soft. I've been admiring her looks in the previous challenges and I'm glad she finally got a win.

Team Keeping it Real- This week, the team forgot to come up with a cohesive link before heading to the store and had to scramble to think of a cohesive link after the looks were completed. Michelle kept complaining that their looks appeared to come from separate planets, but Tim Gunn helped the team decide to conclude that their cohesive link was 'fashion through the decades'. The judges decided that each of the teams did well this week and Heidi said that Team Keeping it Real was the 'almost winning team' rather than the loosing team.

Kate embraced the fantasy aspect of the challenge and created an ultra poofy, cupcake like outfit from calla lilies and carnations that was undoubtedly the best look from the team.
Patricia created a Mother Nature meets Swamp Thing meets Frida Kahlo inspired look that was neither good nor bad this week.
I liked the base construction of Daniel's metal mesh net, PVC pipe and lamb's ear flower dress (fun fact:  Daniel has felt an actual lamb's ear before), but when it walked down the runway I thought it looked as if his model had swallowed a dumbbell. Luckily, the judges disagreed and we'll be able to see Daniel next week.
This week Michelle and Richard decided to pair up to create a Madonna-esque out of blinds, leaves and flowers. In the workroom I worried that the outfit my look a little too bondage (which got Matthew in trouble last week), but the flowers between the blinds saved the look.
Michelle and Richard
Amanda apparently forgot about Andrae Gonzalo's Season 2 send-off where he was sent home for creating a dress out of green moss, as she went for the green moss at the flower shop because she doesn't like flowers. Her dress started off as a green dress with embellished hardware at the neckline, but she started adding flowers to cover up the patchy moss bits, causing me to yell "keep it simple, bitch" at the screen. When the designers were asked to identify the weakest link of the team, the designers all through Amanda under the bus, but the judges disagreed and Amanda remained safe.
Joseph Aaron picked the wrong time to set out to create an unflattering sweater dress in an effort to challenge conventional ideas of beauty. Not only was his dress unflattering (his model looked like she had a big bum), but it also doubled as a torture device because he forgot to put a zipper in his look. This week Joseph Aaron was sent packing and rightfully so.
Joseph Aaron
Did you catch this week's episode of Project Runway? What was your favorite look? Who created your least favorite look? Let me know in the comments below.

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