Christmas Slippers

Friday, January 31, 2014
Last year there was a chain-post going around on Facebook where people would write that the first 5 people to comment on the post would receive a creative gift from the poster. Needless to say, I reposted the chain message and got a response, but unlike other people, I intended to follow through. I wrote down the 5 names of the commenters and began to brainstorm what I would make.

One of the first commenters was the mom of my best friend that I've known since middle school. I used to spend a lot of time at my friend's house back-in-the-day so I had a pretty good idea on what her mom liked and disliked. When I saw that she had pinned a picture of some crocheted slippers on Pinterest I knew that I just had to make them.

link here
I ordered the exact pattern from TwoGirlsPatterns on Etsy and I was able to find the buttons and Bernats Super Saver yarn in Mulberry at my local craft store. I already had some brown yarn on hand from a previous project.

They arrived after the new year, but I think she likes them!

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