Previously on Project Runway All Stars: Season 3, Episode 10

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Aka. The Finale

Well if you ever wondered why the UN took so long in making global decisions, now you know. Previously on Project Runway All Stars the final 3 designers were given four days to create a six look collection that would determine who is the season winner of Project Runway All Stars season 3. The inspiration for their collections was to come from the designers countries of origin: Elena from the Ukraine, Seth Aaron from Spain, and Korto from Liberia. Each of the designers got to meet with UN members of their origin countries and sketch inside of the UN building. In addition, the designers were asked to create a seventh look made from scarves. The designers also got one day's worth of assistance from an eliminated cast member. Let's take a look at the collections.


Elena was the only finalist that did not get to present a final collection on her original season. All the more reason to cheer her on! Elena made her dream collection with lots of wool structured jackets and futuristic flair. Alyssa noted that Elena spent lots of time constructing the top halves of her outfits, but the bottoms seemed like afterthoughts. She also noted that Elena's collection stuck to one basic silhouette and didn't show the judges anything new. Elena came in third, but she was just happy to have presented.

scarf outfit


Korto's collection used lots of bright yellow prints inspired by Liberia. Her collection appeared more 'ready-to-wear' than the other designers and her pieces seemed the most versatile and could be worn by many different women. At first the judges didn't have many criticisms of the collection, but Georgina though the design and construction was "a bit of a mess" and the other's agreed that Korto needs to perfect her tailoring. Korto was the runner-up, again!

scarf outfit

Seth Aaron

Seth Aaron's collection seemed the most runway ready and was full of his high impact, modern, clean style. Everyone loved his red coat look and Seth Aaron was the only designer who chose to use his scarf on 2 outfits. Seth Aaron's collection was my favorite of the designers, and while I didn't cheer for him as much this season as in his past season, I was glad to see him declared the winner.

scarf outfit

scarf outfit

What did you think of this season of Project Runway All Stars? Did you like the new host, Alyssa Milano? Did you agree with the judges final decisions? What was your favorite look from the finale? Let me know in the comments below.

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