Happy Labor Day: Good Food, Good Friends, Good Fun!

Monday, September 5, 2011
Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous 3 day weekend (if you're living in the States). Today I thought I'd share a few images from some of my recent adventures.

The Food

Recently, I tried two fabulous new (to me) restaurants. The picture above is of the Old Country Crepe (with grilled portabella, diced scallion, béchamel sauce...whatever that is, and soy cheddar cheese) from D'sozos. Some of the great features of this cafe is that they have French trained chef from the Caribbean island of Martinique, it's affordable and all of the food is vegan/vegetarian and healthy. I liked my meal so much that I came back later in the week and tried the Greek and Mediterranean pizza, which was even tastier than my crepe.

I also checked out a little Vietnamese restaurant called Little Saigon. I ordered the Curry Chicken as recommended by my waitress (it was also the lunch special of the day) and the service was speedy and my food was delicious. I'm getting hungry again while I'm typing this.


The Boy's brother, The Boy and I showing off our pirate hats after finishing a mini Pirates of the Caribbean marathon.

The Boy and I at the Botanical Gardens.


I've spent the last two Tuesday's at the Botanical Gardens where they do a Tuesday evening concert series. The first week I went (pictured above) featured a band called The Band of Oz, and last week had a zydeco band called The Mudbugs.

Here's a picture of me goofing off in the children's area, and below are some photo's I took in the butterfly house.

Chasing butterfly's with my camera phone makes me feel like an Animal Crossing character...or like I'm in one of those Pokemon Snap games.

Have you had any fun adventures lately? Let me know in the comments below.

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