Previously On Project Runway: Season 9 Episode 6

Monday, September 5, 2011
aka. the avant-garde challenge

This week on Project Runway, the designers were paired up with students from the Harlem School of the Arts and asked to collaborate on a painting that would be used as the inspiration for the designer's avant-garde looks. I thought this was a really great challenge idea. Heck! Even I was inspired by some of the paintings the designers/students came up with (if only I could sew. Then again, if Anya can do it, so can I!? Right!?), but the final results were kind of hum-drum.


I was really surprised that Vikor wasn't one of the top designers this week since I thought his technique and process made this look very flowy and very avant garde...maybe the judges just weren't into the whole sausage arm look.

I was a little worried about Kimberly when I saw her feathered leather fabric, but I like her finished piece and can really see the inspiration in the look.

In my opinion, Anya had the best look of the week. I am in love with that collar. For a woman who supposedly just learned how to sew, she's sure doing well in this competition so far.

Why is this guy still on the show!? I was not a fan of his orange and blue color palate, nor his straight jacket/dress concept. Bleh!

Becky had a space themed painting and this is what she came up with!? I wasn't sure what to think when I saw Becky attaching these little boxes on her dress, but after seeing the final look, I guess they're not so bad. I think Becky really should have pumped up the volume on this one, but I'm glad she's safe.


Joshua had a painting of a dread tree with living roots underneath. He created a gorgeous skirt out of neoprene which he painted and added his (deceased) mother's and his initials to represent the living tree and orange, red, and yellow top to resemble a forest fire. I really liked this look and liked the added personal touch and the judges did too.

When I saw Laura's look, I kind of expected it to be just safe as it looks like it could be somebody's prom dress and it reminds me so much of some of the designs from previous seasons. But, the judges really liked the corset showing through and loved it when she explained that the corset represented the flower stem which have thorns "which makes each flower unique".


Olivier seemed very lost during this challenge and it showed in his dress. The judges thought his colors were too dull which made the look seem like it was on Valium. While the judges kind of liked the bodice, they all hated the bottom. Luckily, the judges raved about his body of work and Olivier was safe.

This week Burt made an effort to play nice with others and try something different. However, his high waisted harem pants gave his model a case of Oompa-Loompa bum, and his addition of the stuffed shapes made his model look like she had a horrible case of static cling. In the end, Burt barely squeaked by.


Anthony Ryan
If you haven't figured out who the winner was by now, it was Anthony Ryan. I think the judges should just give him a free pass to Bryant Park, since he's won so many challenges already and the judges obviously love his work. I thought this look was great from a distance and was a great interpretation of Anthony Ryan's art piece. However, I agreed with Kenneth Cole when he noted that he hem was unfinished and the pieces looked like they were just stuck on the dress and didn't look finished. But, the judges though this was the best of the bunch.


Josh C.
Joshua C. was out for the second time. His inspiration picture was of a bad ass werewolf and the judges felt that his final look seemed more like a street-walker costume and it wasn't avant garde. I agree that Josh C. needed to be sent home with this look, but I still expect Bryce's days on Project Runway are numbered.

Did you watch this week's episode? Do you think the right people won/ got sent home? Who are you hoping will get to Bryant Park? Let me know in the comments below.

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