Previously On Project Runway: Season 9 Episode 7

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Aka. Show me the drama!

If you were miffed by last week's lack of drama, you got your wish with this weeks episode as Project Runway cranked up the drama! This week, the designers were split into 2 groups of 5 designers and were asked to create their own printed fabric, select the top 3 prints from the team, and utilize those prints in their individual garments in order to come up with a cohesive show of looks. That's right, they brought back the printed fabric challenge from season 7! The designers also had to create a fashion video to promote their collection. One team would be the winner with immunity given to one member of the winning team, and one team would be the looser with one someone being kicked off of the loosing team.

The teams were Team Nuts and Bolts ( Kimberly, Laura, Bert, Joshua, and Becky) and Team Chaos (Bryce, Anthony Ryan, Viktor, Olivier, and Anya). If you couldn't already tell from the team selection, Team Nuts and Bolts had the most drama during this episode.

Team Nuts and Bolts

This team was doomed from the start. Team Nuts and Bolts had a huge struggle in finding their common thread (theme) to base their fabric prints on, finally settling for the literal theme of "clocks." The drama started hard and early as Burt muttered some negative comments under his breath when entering the workroom and Joshua loudly called Bert out on his comment and proclaimed that he would not tolerate Bert's behavior. This was soon followed by Joshua's private sobs to the camera about how he misses his recently deceased mother and he had a tearful phone conversation/ pep-talk with his father. Even Tim Gunn called out the team after seeing the tension in the group and it's effect on their lackluster designs, and he asked the whole team to join hands and promise to work well together. After that, Joshua decided to make a grand apology, gathering his whole team around him so that he could apologize to Bert for blowing up at him, but even the teams re-uniting could not save them from their hideous prints- even though their styling was pretty good. On the Runway Joshua threw Becky under the bus, telling judges that her aesthetic was old and boring and that it was time for her to go home. Let's take a look at their looks.

I wasn't a huge fan of Joshua's look this week. I didn't like the cut of the jacked (which made me say "what the heck is that!?" out loud) and I thought his top hung weird.

I didn't think Bert's look was bad, aside from the printed fabric. I'm sure there's some steampunk out there that would love to wear this dress.

Laura really needed to ditch that belt thingie on her jumpsuit.

Tim Gunn was not a fan of Kimberly's poodle fabric, and judging by the way that skirt rode up, I wasn't a big fan of the fabric either.

I agreed with the judges that Becky's look was kind of boring. However, I didn't agree that this look was the worst from the group with the lowest scores. This week Becky was out despite never being on the bottom before. If only she'd have made a fabulous jacket and used that fabric as a lining!

Team Chaos

And now for the winning team. This team created prints inspired by ink blots and their video was inspired by the chaos of the NYC streets:

Viktor created a beautiful ink blot inspired gown, perfect for any fashionista- or female Watchmen comic book fan.

Nina Garcia said that she wanted this jacket and I think this was a fabulous suit (although I'd need to wear a top under that jacket). However, my (1980's power suit wearing) mom commented that she was not a fan of this look because "the jacket doesn't match the pants.

I thought Bryce had the worst look of Team Chaos. If one of these looks does not look like the others...this is the look. Bryce got lucky this week because of his teammates.

Anthony Ryan
Cute look! This would almost be my favorite look but...

Anya showed us that she is a master with patterned fabrics. I love Love LOVE this dress (in an "OMG I've got to have it" kind of way) and the judges agreed by making Anya the winner this week.

Did you watch this week's episode? Do you think the right people were in/out? Were you as baffled at the designers lack of color in their prints as I was? Let me know in the comments below.

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