Previously On Project Runway: Season 9, Episode 8

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Aka. What the heck was he thinking!?

This week on Project Runway, the designers had to choose their "customer" from a line up of men. But were they designing menswear!? No, they were to collaborate with the men on a look for the men's wives/girlfriends (much the the designers surprise). I thought the designs were a bit lackluster this week and didn't see any "wow" factors on the runway, although there were several nice outfits. Here's what the designers came up with:


I'm pretty sure that Olivier is the only man on the planet to be upset about the largeness of a woman's chest (and complain about it so much). Also, he had no idea what a double D bra size meant (although I'm not sure if The Boy really knows what a double D means either). I thought Olivier's look would be in the bottom this week after his complaints about his customer's boobies and private wishes that his model would just shut up. I also thought his top puckered in a way that made her nips look lop-sided. However, the judges passed Olivier on and he was safe.

I thought Laura's dress would have been better if she had chosen a thicker fabric. As it is, I felt like too much of the dress structure (and model's undergarments) were exposed.


When I saw this look come down the runway I thought "Kimberly must really be in love with that odd textured fabric stuff". I thought the skirt was a little short, but this was an okay look overall and the judges agreed, making Kim safe.


I thought the pieces were great individually, but I would have never thought to put these color combinations together. However, I think the pieces totally worked. I really thought Vikor nailed this down for the win, but the judges ranked him at #2 this week.

Anya created arguably the most interesting look of the night with her Africa inspired kimono dress. I loved the dress (but would have ditched that long sleeve) and the judges seemed to agree, making Anya safe.


Joshua had to put away the Bedazzler this week because his client liked her clothes plan. The judges loved Joshua's toned-down look and awarded him with the win for his fabulous "little black dress".

The Bottom

Anthony Ryan
Yes, the dress looked like a car hop, or Olive Oyl, but that doesn't make it any less cute. I think Anthony Ryan gave the Customer exactly what she was looking for, even though the judges didn't love it. Luckily, the judges kept him safe.

There wasn't anything particularly wrong with Bert's dress. It was well made, and it made his model look great even though it does look like something I could have picked up at JC Penny or Sears. The judges couldn't deny that the dress did look good on the model and she appeared to love it, so the judges kept him safe.


Bryce had the worst look of the night with his poorly constructed pink dress. Bryce managed to make his model appear larger when he added huge (saddle bag) pockets to the dress- that were so awful that Michael Kors said "hey ladies! I know you all were looking for a dress that makes your thighs look huge" and "What is she going to do, put her beer in one pocket and stuff the cake and some snacks in the other". Ultimately, the judges decided that Bryce was out and to that I say IT WAS ABOUT FREAKING TIME!

Did you watch this week's episode of Project Runway? Do you think the right people were on top/ safe/ out? Let me know in the comments below.

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