Previously on Project Runway: Season 9 Episode 5

Saturday, September 3, 2011
This week on Project Runway, was Heidi's challenge. Who knew Heidi was such a sadist!? First, she put all of the designers in New Balance t-shirts, shorts and tennis shoes and made them run a race to determine who their team captains would be. Then she made them design an outfit to go with a pair of tennis shoes. And later she rewarded them with more time- allowing them to sew until 4am. *eye roll* Thus, much drama ensued.

The drama started right from the get go, as Cecilia, wracked with guilt for almost getting the boot last week, whined to the judges that her heart was no longer in the completion and that she wanted to go home.

My thoughts:
  • Why didn't Cecelia have this conversation last week on the judges stand and saved Danielle for another week!?
  • This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Shut your mouth, suck it up, and keep sewing for another week.
Anyway, Cecelia ended up leaving the show at the beginning of the episode, and good riddance to her.

Then, as the designers were racing to choose team leads, Olivier trips and falls and then passes out! He is revived by paramedics and is able to continue the competition.

The team leads were Anthony Ryan, Joshua, Viktor, and Bryce. Let's take a look at their looks.

Anthony Ryan, Laura, and Bert
I expected this team to have this challenge "in the bag" since Anthony Ryan has been on the top of his game and each of the team members have such a clean, classy aesthetic. However, Anthony Ryan and Laura decided to work more as a pair rather than collaborate with Bert (who I'll admit, does not seem to be the most pleasant to work with, but this was a TEAM challenge), and in the end the judges felt that Bert had the best of the three looks and this team ended up in the bottom. The judges felt that Anthony Ryan's look gave his model "camel toe butt" and that Laura's look was just ho-hum.

Joshua, Anya, and Becky

This team also stirred up some drama as Joshua openly stated that he chose Anya for his team because of her aesthetic and Becky for her sewing skills which hurt Becky's feelings and caused her to have a melt down session in the bathroom. The judges commended Joshua for assigning the right people to the right tasks and selected this as one of the top teams despite Becky's boobie showing tank top.

Viktor, Olivier, and Josh C.

Since Cecilia left the competition, the designers got the chance to invite one kicked-off season 9 designer back to the competition and they all unanimously chose Josh C. This team was the most drama-free as they all collaborated well in their design and construction and the final result gave them top billing.

Bryce, Kimberly, and Danielle

This team also appeared to be drama free and collaborated well together, however the judges thought that their looks were too dressy to be worn with sneakers, that Kimberly's jacket should have gone with Danielle's outfit, and that Danielle's green tank top was the odd one out, poorly constructed, and too much like her previous designs. Needless to say, this team landed on the bottom.

The winning looks are to be reproduced and sold on as part of Heidi's New Balance line. In the end, the judges awarded two winners- Viktor for his leather jacket and gray dress and Joshua for Anya's maxi dress. I guess the judges decided to award Joshua for Anya's look because he was the team lead, but clearly that was Anya's look, aesthetic and dress.

Anthony Ryan and Danielle ended up in the bottom for Anthony Ryan's "camel toe" jumper and Danielle's boring, poorly constructed chiffon tank top. The judges had a long debate over whether the competition should be judges solely on the individual looks from week to week or if the contestant's previous body of work should be considered- as Anthony Ryan's look was clearly the worst of the week, but his overall body of work was stronger than Danielle's. In the end, the judges eliminated Danielle, but I thought it was Anthony Ryan who should have left.

Did you watch this week's project runway? Do you think the right people won/ got sent home? Let me know in the comment's below.

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